Professional Profile Boosts Online Presence in the Medical Tourism Industry?

It is now very important to have a compelling profile to boost your online presence. But do you know what a professional online profile should include? Your specialty and expertise must be included in the first few lines describing your hospital, medical center or practice. Just like in PlacidWay, we create profiles that clearly feature the treatments and procedures that you provide to easily educate, inform and attract the target customers

Make it clear why Patients should choose your Clinic?

Your online profile should feature all the essential details about your clinic/practice including vital information like:

  • Since how long you are offering the treatments
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Techniques
  • and anything else that you think is important to convince the patients

Highlight Credentials

Online profile is a great medium to inform medical travelers and patients about the awards, credentials and honors. It builds trust and convinces the patients to book an appointment with your center

Use Photos, Videos and Testimonials

Invest in good-quality photos and videos in your online profile. The profile with images performs better and also increases its SEO value. So, you can include images of your infrastructure, before and after pictures or video of a treatment procedure. In addition, testimonials are also very important. Reading or watching about other patients’ successful experience at your center works positively to influence the medical tourists.

Up to Date Information with Call to Action

Make sure that your profile information is 100% accurate online. If you want to update information in your profile such as new procedures, change of address or anything else, the information must be kept up to date

Your online profile must include an effective and clear call to action to allow the patients to send a request for more information

How PlacidWay Can Help

PlacidWay maintains the most comprehensive medical tourism knowledge base online. Create an online profile at PlacidWay, and you don’t miss a patient just because your office was closed.


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