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Fat Transfer Anti Aging Technique at Hanfei Plastic Surgery Clinic in Guangzhou, China

No. 35 Qifu Road, Baiyun district, Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou, China

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Treatment :Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

By : Hanfei Plastic Surgery

Location : No. 35 Qifu Road, Baiyun district, Guangzhou, China Guangzhou, China

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Fat Transfer Anti Aging Technique in Guangzhou, China

Fat Transfer Anti Aging Technique at Hanfei Plastic Surgery Clinic in Guangzhou, China

Are you bothered about the problems of aging such as saggy face, full of wrinkles, loose or droopy skin? You know that you can get rid of these problems with anti aging plastic surgery, but you don't want to get under the knives. Don't worry, Hanfei Plastic Surgery Clinic in Guangzhou, China brings the most effective non-surgical techniques. Their Fat Transfer Anti Aging Technique includes three non-surgical facial fat contouring methods that can help you look younger. These methods are:
  • Autologous Fat Filling
  • Hyaluronan Injection
  • PPDO Lifting

Fat injection procedures have outstanding applications in plastic surgery. The fat injected in these body areas achieves volume enhancement at the same time produces safe, long-lasting and natural appearing results replacing diminished fat cells.

Autologous Fat Filling:

Collagen makes you look younger and when it goes away with aging, your skin loses elasticity and becomes sagging. With autologous fat filling procedure, collagen loss can be slowed down. This natural filling material comes from yourself so there is no worry about rejection from your body. The fat is filled to the saggy part of the face and it gains youthful appearance.

Hyaluronan Injection Fat Transfer Technique:

One of the most ideal materials for facial filling sin hyaluronic acid. In this procedure, hyaluronic aid is injected into sagging dermis for tightening skin moisture and stimulating collagen rebirth. This makes your skin radiant and highly elastic. 

PPDO Lifting:

PPDO has been proved to be harmless and nontoxic in clinical application and has better tissue toughness and biocompatibility. The procedure involves interlacingly burying PPDO thread into subcutaneous tissue and corium layer to rebuild the facial frame. It accelerates the newborn collagen and elastic fibres and continuously delays the skin aging process. The procedure is useful for the removal of wrinkles, tightening the skin, removing the wrinkles and making it brighter. 

What are the Benefits of Fat Transfer Anti Aging Technique at Hanfei Plastic Surgery Clinic?

  • Regenerates collagen and elasticity
  • Makes face elastic and small
  • Removes excessive facial fat
  • Safe procedure with no tissue breaking

What is the Cost of Fat Transfer Anti Aging Technique?

Why Choose Hanfei Plastic Surgery for Fat Transfer Anti Aging?

  • Personalized program based on your specific needs and facial conditions
  • Combined beauty creation with V-line face and baby skin
  • Multi-effects with stable result by combination of wrinkle removal, face lifting, skin rejuvenation and fat filling.
  • Every doctor at Hanfei is equipped with Practice Qualification Certificate
  • Only after verification, the doctors are allowed to treat patients
  • Every doctor has more than 10 years of experience
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