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Manor Medical Center

Manor Medical Center

Tel-Aviv, Israel

HaBarzel Street 26 Tel Aviv - Yafo

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Manor Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel


Welcome to Manor Medical Center!



A growing number of North Americans and other foreign patients are seeking medical treatment in Israel. The medical tourism industry has seen a major increase in the past decade and Israel has become one of the most popular destinations. Every year, thousands of patients from dozens of countries around the world receive first-class medical care at Israel's state-of-the-art Medical Centers. Medical tourism in Israel is a safe and affordable alternative for any foreign patient, when the necessary research and preparations are made prior to the journey.


About Manor Medical Center

Manor Medical Center takes pride in being the leading and largest medical tourism company in Israel. It provides various comprehensive packages of medical services to foreign patients, which include:

  • Preparation of a detailed medical program, based on the information submitted by the patient, as well as relevant complementary services. 
  • English - speaking medical coordinators who escort patients to all medical procedures - all medical documentation is translated into English.
  • Hotel accommodations, transfers to and from the airport, organization of the leisure time.

Manor Medical Center offers a broad range of progressive medical services, tailored to patients who travel for medical care, at an affordable price, such as heart bypasses, cancer treatments, fertility treatments, face lifts and many other medical treatments. The hospitals in which foreign patients are treated maintain the highest standards of patient care and safety.

Asuta Hospital Center Platform, Tailored Medical Programs, Israel

Asuta Hospital Center Platform

Most medical tourism companies in Israel "attach" their patients to a public hospital, which significantly extends the duration of his stay at the hospital and limits the choice of doctors that treat him. Manor Medical chose a different platform for the medical treatment of its foreign patients -  Assuta Center, an ultramodern hospital, equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment that employs highly skilled personnel. Assuta attracts the best specialists from various disciplines, who also work in the public sector. These doctors provide a wide range of private medical services.



  • Check up for men and women (Gynecological examination, Dental examination, Cardio Examination, Andrological and urological examination)
  • Cardiology (diagnoses of heart disease in adults and children; cardiac surgery for adults and children)
  • Urology (abdominal MRI, radioisotope study of the urinary tract, prostate biopsy, cystoscopy, urodynamic study, CT - specialized protocols for renal tumors / adrenal and stones in the urinary tract etc.)
  • Oncology (skin cancer, cervical cancer, cancer of gallbladder, cancer of the vocal cords, cancer of uterus, breast cancer, colon cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer)
  • Orthopedy (knee and hip replacement, scolios, herniated spinal disc)
  • Neurosurgery (multiple sclerosis, brain tumors)
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Ophthalmology (LASIK)
  • IVF (infertility evaluation, male reproductive health, fertility preservation, reproductive surgery, intracytoplasmic sperm injection - ICSI, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis - PGD, intrauterine insemination - IUI, ovulation induction, donor sperm insemination, egg donor program, polycystic ovarian syndrome - PCOS, recurrent pregnancy loss, genetic screening and counseling, psychological support)

Cardiology, Urology, Orthopedy, Plastic Surgery, IVF, Israel


Medical Team

Manor Medical Center guarantees that you will be treated by a physician who is the leading expert in the field, specializing in your particular problem.  Our doctors, working under the management of Dr. Alexander Kanevsky PhD, have long years of practical experience and know the Israeli medical system extremely well. This knowledge provides them with access to leading medical specialists in the country. Below is a list of the specialists working with Manor Medical Center:

Dr. Sharon Baum - dermatologist, deputy head of Department of Dermatology and Venereal Daises at SHIBA Medical Center (the largest Israeli Hospital, treating more than 1 million patients a year)

Dr Rami Silfan - plastic surgeon, Director of Tel Aviv Institute of Plastic Surgery

Prof. Shimon Raif - pediatric gastroenterologist, Head of Pediatric Gastroenterology at Sourasky Medical Center , Tel Aviv (one of the best hospitals in Israel)

Dr. Yoav Lurie - gastroenterologist - hepatologist, Head of the Institute of Hepatology, Sharey Zedek Hospital, Jerusalem

Prof. Ada Kessler - specialist in ultrasound of internal organs, Head of Sonography Department, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv.

Prof. Arick Bloshar - radiologist, Head of the CT Department, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv

Prof. Shimon Maimon - neuro-radiologist, Head of Brain Interventional Radiology Department, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv

Prof. Baruch Klein - oncologist, Head of Oncology Department of, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv

Prof. Amos Toren  - onco-hematologist, Head of Children's Onco- Hematology Department, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.

Dr. Gary Winkler - urologist, Head of Lithotripsy Institute at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer

Dr. Zohar Dotan - uro-oncologist, Head of Department of Uro-Oncology, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer

Prof. Gilad Ben Baruh - onco-gynecologist, Head of the Onco-gynecology Department, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer

LASIK, Oncology, Medical Center Israel

Dr. Amir Onn - onco-pulmonologist, Director of Institute of Onco- Pulmonology, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer

Prof. Ehud Raanani - cardiac surgeon, Head of Cardiac Surgery Department, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer

Prof. Michael Rabau - colorectal surgeon, Head of Colorectal Surgery Department, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv

Dr. Ervin Santo - gastroenterologist, Director  of Gastroenterology Institute, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv

Prof. Moshe Papa - surgeon - mammologist, Director of Breast Cancer Institute, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer

Dr. Avi Hefetz - ENT surgeon, Director of Head and Neck Surgery Department, Assuta Hospital

Dr. Iliya Pickarsky - spinal surgeon, Leading Spinal Surgeon at Assuta Hospital, Ramat Hahayal.

Dr. Yuval Domnitz - specialist in laser corrective eye surgery.

Dr. Uri Rimon - leading physician at Interventional Radiology Department, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer

Dr. Sigal Tavor - hematologist, Leading Hematologist at Assuta Medical Center

High Quality Medical Services Abroad, Israeli doctors, Israel


Why choose Manor Medical Center in Israel?

  • High quality medical services from the best Israeli doctors.
  • Clinical expertise provided by physicians, esteemed internationally for their expertise and pioneering techniques.
  • Outstanding multi-disciplinary services designed specifically for the needs of international patients of all ages.
  • Sophisticated technologies for advanced therapeutic services, precise diagnostic testing.
  • Their motto is: „Maximal proffesional efficiency at the shortest time and at competitive rates”.
  • Major medical examinations and test are completed within 5 working days. The work is performed by first class specialist at most competitive rates.
  • Patients, undergoing surgery or other procedures in Israel, can enjoy their recovery by staying in a relaxing vacation environment in beautiful surroundings.

Medical Tourism, Surgery in Israel



Kharitonov Natalia

„Thank you very much for the warm reception and excellent organization of the medical program. Due to high qualifications of the doctors that treated my daughter she was promptly diagnosed and received the appropriate medical treatment. We are now following the proposed treatment and the results are most encouraging! Thanks again for your help!”

Vladimir Kobychev

„My impression of Manor Medical Center is the most favorable. All that was stated in the medical program sent to me, prior to my arrival in Israel, was carried out efficiently and without delays. Everything was organized efficiently, intelligently and professionally. Thank you so much for the humane attitude towards patients. I liked very much the absence of prolonged waiting during medical procedures. The Centre's staff knows their work! The warm atmosphere of goodwill and mutual understanding surrounded us during our stay at Manor Medical Center.”


Medical tourism in Israel is a safe and affordable alternative for any foreign patient. PlacidWay can help you get the best treatments at the best hospitals for the best prices!

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