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Ahalia Ayurvedic Hospital

Palakkad, India
Situated amid magnificent natural landscape in Kerala, the Ayurveda Hospital is a centre where Ayurveda is practiced in its true form. Ahalia is committed to serve the society through the time tested principles of Ayurveda.

PKM Ayurvedic Research and Charitable Hospital

Palakkad, India
We are committed to providing the best of Ayurveda will all its modern manifestations. Providing holistic Ayurvedic forms of treatment based on ancient scriptures. The hospital is a trusted destination for Ayurveda. The Tamil health science Sidha system of medicine and other inevitable branches of Indian health science heritage are being practiced here. Ayurveda system is the real answer for many chronic and complicated diseases that pose a challenge to the human race today.

Rajah Healthy Acres

Palakkad, India
An Ayurvedic hospital with facilities of a resort, situated in the countryside of Kerala, India, on a vast hilly terrain. The hospital offers treatment for various illnesses as well as rejuvenation therapy for healthy people wanting to cleanse and refresh their body and mind. Ayurvedic treatments respond well when the patient is relaxed and happy. Giving primary importance to this fact, the various cottages for stay were constructed with focus on providing a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for the guests. Thick greenery surrounds the cottages giving excellent views from each cottage.
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