GARM Clinic, Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine in , Honduras Reviews from Real Patients

GARM Clinic, Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine in , Honduras Reviews from Real Patients

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About GARM Clinic, Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

GARM Clinic in Roatan, Caribbean Islands combines conventional medicine practices with the wisdom of the body’s healing capabilities using stem cell therapy. The clinic offers integrated medical treatments like bio-cellular medicine treatments, adult autologous stem cell, general medical care, immunomodulating bio-enzyme systems, advanced ultrasonic diagnostic imaging, basic diagnostic tests, integrative medicine services, non-invasive regenerative procedures, nutrition counseling along with customized plans and wellness services to the patients.

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Anti Aging,Chronic Diseases,Rehabilitation and Medical Spa Treatment,Sports Medicine,Stem Cell Therapy Reviews in , Honduras at GARM Clinic, Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

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    The GARM medical clinic is a very welcome and needed addition to the Island of Roatan. With specialists rotating through the clinic from Cemesa and the US, it saves me a trip to the mainland! The clinic is clean and represents the latest technology in medicine - amazing!

    Facebook Mar 26 2014
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    I suffered a bad burn to the side of my face and the whole of my right arm 8 days ago. I thought I might lose part of my ear and have scars on my arm which was black with the burn. I used a cream called Regenederm from Garm clinic,I cannot beleive my face is totally healed and my arm just looks like sunburn now and is on the way to total recovery

    Facebook Sep 23 2015
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    After months of suffering from extreme ankle pain I was referred to the GARM Clinic. The facility is modern and the staff second to none. I feel like I have another family. Oh and did I mention... 20 days after treatment I can walk almost normally again and 90% of the pain is gone and getting better day by day. Thanks everyone, you made a huge difference in my life and I am very grateful.

    Facebook Jun 07 2015
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    I am completely happy with my treatment at GARM. From the kindness and professionalism of every step from consultation to treatment to after treatment.
    GARM is a very welcome and needed center here...

    Facebook Apr 15 2016
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    After having had hip replacement surgery last May I was faced with the prospect of having replacement surgery of both knees. My medial cartilage in both knees was completely gone and the lateral cartilage in each was severely reduced. While on vacation in Roatan, Honduras, in August, I was introduced to GARM clinic and autologous stem cell procedure. I returned to Roatan and had the procedure in November and my pain is reduced considerably to the point where I am no longer considering replacement surgery. I consider GARM clinic and its wonderful, caring personnel to have been a real blessing in my life and I highly recommend their healing procedures.

    Facebook Apr 20 2017
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    A year ago today I hobbled into the GARM clinic for stem cell treatment for my left hip. I was in such pain, I had been unable to stand, sit, or sleep comfortably for months. 6 months after my treatment I was dancing salsa at my high school reunion. One year later, I m going strong, and so grateful to everyone at GARM for believing in the body s ability to heal itself, and for having their clinic here in Roatan!

    Facebook Feb 16 2018
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    My husband and I have both visited Dr. Terry several times and have always been 100% satisfied with our experience at the clinica. Dr. Terry and the other staff members are attentive, knowledgeable and very professional in every way. When it is critically important for us, we go to GARM clinic and always leave very satisfied and pleased.

    Facebook Aug 02 2018
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    Went in for a Thermography this morning. Great service, very very clean clinic, professional staff and everyone is extremely friendly.

    Facebook Sep 11 2019
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    Amazing cutting edge medical research and technology.
    Dr. Glen Terry and his colleagues are Awesome. They made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions and concerns.
    Without a doubt, GARM clinic provides first class regenerative medical services.
    Thank you for everything!

    Facebook Jul 30 2021
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    I am very happy to recommend this amazing herbal products if having any health challenges.

    Facebook Dec 05 2022
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    I am extremely satisfied with all the help Mrs. Murphy Sherry , She have a good understanding of all the processes and are always receptive to my needs. The platform was very helpful. I strongly recommend this wonderful manager of mine, she perform a great work and strategy on my investment, and now I m earning profits every week just because of Mrs. Murphy Sherry effort and trust, thank you madam for this opportunity of investing with your platform I m so much grateful

    Facebook Oct 28 2022
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    I have been suffering Diabetes Type 2 since 2010, when I was diagnosed. From that time on I ve been using all kinds of medications, been to expensive specialists, have tried natural medicine with mediocre or no results. Two weeks ago I went through a stem cell procedure at the GARM Clinic. I really didn t have any hope that undergoing this treatment would be of any help. I am surprised now that only 13 days after my treatment, my sugar level has gone down from 439 to 119 today. I have been taking natural medications that have been provided for me at the GARM Clinic

    Google Dec 17 2019
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    My wife and I were both treated by Dr. Terry. We had orthopedic problems that had been going on for years. The results were outstanding. This is the future of medicine and you can have it now. If you have a chronic orthopedic problem, are considering a joint replacement or have chronic pain, do youself a favour and book a trip to Roatan. See what is possible.

    Google Dec 25 2019
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    I had an appointment with Dr. Terry for what I assumed was a stem cell consultation for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis. Instead, Dr. Terry took his time to understand my history and current condition and then recommended an all natural treatment plan to try before the more expensive stem cell treatment. He was so gracious with his time and knowledge. The staff at the Clinic were amazing as well. So delightful and happy.

    I can t recommend The GARM Clinic enough. It was easily the best doctor visit I ve had on an continent!

    Google Oct 16 2020
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    In times of stress, i.e. an accident while on holiday, Dr Terry was helpful, calm and took his time to talk with me about any concerns. He also liaised with the local clinic for the necessary x-rays. The Garm Clinic is in a wonderful setting and all staff were friendly and welcoming. I felt very grateful to have been recommended Dr Terry from fellow sailors and would heartily recommend him to anybody.

    Google Nov 26 2022
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    Dr Mcgee is a great great great doctor I don t see how in the world somebody can write something bad about him I had operation on my elbow can hardly see my scars is staff is the best staff ever iam from the old school raise in Bronx new York iam a hard guy to trick he calls you after operation to see how you are doing no no doctor does that he goes FAR AND Beyond FOR IS PAIENTS my name is joseph tristo and I STAND BYE DR MCGEE 1 TRILLON PRECENT

    Google Sep 15 2023
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    Wonderful clinic. Fortunate enough to have treatment here last year and it was life changing. Was on the cusp of a serious surgery and Dr Terry was able to help me and completely remove my need for surgery.

    Highly recommended.

    Google Apr 05 2023
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    I recently visited the GARM Clinic and must say it was a very healing environment. The clinic is spotless and the staff is both friendly & professional. Doctor Terry is very through in his assessment and explanation of the procedure. He walked me through the process and how we would attack each ailment. The procedure went smoothly and then Dr. Terry followed up each day after. I m looking forward to enjoying the rejuvenation of my knees for years to come!

    Google Oct 01 2023