Uplifting Stem Cell Therapy for Infertility in Kiev Ukraine


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Uplifting Stem Cell Therapy for Infertility in Kiev, Ukraine

Uplifting Stem Cell Therapy for Infertility in Kiev, Ukraine

Infertility Overview

For many couples and singles, the diagnosis of infertility can lead to a feeling of resignation and prejudice. Today, more than ever, from fertility to infertility is only one step. Stress, pollution and an exhausting lifestyle affect patients' health and psyche, transforming infertility into a silent enemy.

If we are to believe some childhood fairytales, nor the greatest queens, kings, princesses, princes, emperors and empresses of the world were ignored by this problem. And if the stories have a happy ending, it's time to learn that, in real life, thanks to medical innovations it's very possible to cure infertility and give the opportunity to conceive, give birth and have a happy family.

Stem Cell Therapy for Infertility Overview

The treatment takes 2 days and includes the following:

Day 1

  • Blood/urine tests
  • Examination by the clinic’s doctors and neurologist
  • Additional examinations if necessary
  • Cardiac Exam
  • Treatment (IV infusions and/or injections of fetal stem cells)
  • Short rest

Note: Outdoor activities are not recommended after the first day of treatment

Day 2

  • Pre-treatment examination by the clinic’s doctors
  • Treatment (IV infusions and/or injections of fetal stem cells)
  • Short rest
  • Post-treatment session with the doctors

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Infertility

  • The medical center's methods are effective in many diseases and conditions causing infertility in both men and women.
  • Fetal stem cells stimulate the regeneration potential of the body.
  • The treatment normalizes hormonal balance, improves the quality of body tissues, regulates the immune system, and thus creates the optimal conditions for formation and maturation of reproductive cells.
  • The therapy results in the higher sexual activity and libido.
  • Leads to a significant functional improvement of neuromuscular, endocrine and vascular system, as well as a higher energy level and stress resistance, which is very important in infertility treatment and IVF preparation.
  • After fetal stem cell therapy, the complication rate in IVF is much lower. 

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Airport-hotel/apartment-airport transfer.
  • Everyday hotel/apartment-clinic-hotel/apartment transfer.
  • Examinations by specialists.
  • Tests.
  • Treatment itself (administration of stem cells).
  • Medical report.
  • Medications if necessary.
  • Follow-up after the treatment.

The price excludes:

  • Airfare.
  • Accommodation and meals.
  • Personal expenses.

Why Choose Us?

  • The clinic treated thousands of patients from different countries and performed thousands of transplantations of fetal stem cells with great outcomes.
  • The medical center's team is highly trained and experienced.
  • Welcoming, friendly environment.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Up-to-date medical technology and equipment used.


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