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PowerMed Top Detox Program in Athens Greece

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Treatment: Addiction Treatment, Gambling Addiction, Drug Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Bulimia, Anorexia, Alcohol Addiction, Heroin Addiction, Methadone Addiction, Smoking Addiction
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Detox addiction Free Treatments in Greece

Top Detox Program in Athens, Greece

At POWERMED innovative treatments we look forward offering you high quality, effective treatment.

What is a Detox Program?

Detox is a Medical Program exclusively dedicated to patients suffering from different addictions, such as: alcohol, illicit drugs (marijuana, heroine, cocaine) and prescribed drug abuse (benzodiazepines, codeine), as well as, gambling, codependency, among others. The program facilitates the patient to stop taking the drug and him/her becomes able to lead a life without this dependency.

We understand that Detox has never been easy this is the reason why we will walk you through the accomplishment of your goals, living a life without any kind of addiction!

Follow our specialized programs and start your new life, while visiting Greece!

Detox Treatments Offered:

The philosophy of our center is to mobilize all the patient’s senses and abilities towards the ultimate goal. Living a life free of addictions. In this direction, we plan to do all that can be done to help!

  • We offer a secure monitored yet extraordinarily pleasant environment. The acute withdrawal symptoms will be controlled with use of indicated drugs, thus the patient will experience the least possible discomfort.
  • We offer group therapy under the guidance of experienced practitioners, that  have offered their services to some of the world’s most famous addiction clinics.
  • We offer a beautiful and discreet setting, where the patient will have the time and the inspiration to spiritually harmonize himself with his inner self, thus regaining his self-esteem and learn to love him again.
  • Balancing between diet with delicious and nutritious meals of the Mediterranean Diet, thus gaining healthy habits that can escort him for the rest of his life. A healthy mind, in a healthy body, as the ancient Greeks said. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements helps the body regain its energy, power and motivation, minimizing this way the effects of withdrawal.
  • Meet your peers in a relaxing setting. All detox programs have in common interaction with peers.  With us, you can meet them as relaxed, giving and ready to share like never again!
  • Explore the beauties of the sea, of the ocean, of the Greek islands by sport activities if you feel you are fit enough. Gain back your self-confidence. Gain back your self-respect. Feel your strength returning and get your life back! Possibility for scuba-diving, trekking and even team-building with your peers through competitive racing with boats. Building life-long friendships means getting life-long support!

At the end of the program you will be physically fit to go back to work, to your family, to your life, or seek assistance from another facility offering continuing support.

Detox Package Includes:

  • Pick up from the airport and physical, biochemical and ECG examinations in a private Hospital.

  • Sailing on the Aegean Sea, exploring the beauties of the islands, enjoying the sun and delicious tastes for 10 days.
  • Return to airport, have a safe flight and make the best of your new life!

Why to Choose Us for Detox?

  • Our program is under constant medical supervision.
  • We will offer you a psychotherapy group, pharmaceutical detox, healthy diet reprogramming and exercise.
  • You’ll be able to start your new life with safety.
  • Gain experiences and build life-long friendships.
  • We will show you how change your goals in life and changing YOURSELF, find the beauty in your life and learn how to live it!

Come and build your new self and enjoy an addiction-free life.