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Best Stem Cell Therapy For Cancer in Kiev, Ukraine

How We Treat Diseases With Our Stem Cell Therapy?
Treatment at EmCell clinic is a complex therapy combining fetal stem cell treatment and conventional therapy. These methods are the latest achievements in modern medicine.

For our treatment, we use different types of stem cells harvested from various germ layers of the legally aborted embryos of 5–8 weeks of gestation, as these cells are characterized by specific therapeutic effects. Significant results in treatment have been achieved due to combination of different types of stem cells considering the disease process.

Indications for transplantation of fetal stem cells in case of cancer
In case of malignancies, we are using patented methods of treatment with stem cells. These methods have proved their efficacy, have been approved by the Ministry of Health on April 20, 1999 and have been recommended for use in clinical practice. Transplantation of fetal stem cells is possible at all stages of oncological diseases:

  • At the initial stage of treatment, if surgery (tumour removal) cannot be started due to such complications as anemia, weakness, wasting, thrombocytopenia, depression, etc., transplantation of fetal stem cells prior to the tumour removal operation provides for the best preparation of the patient to surgery and best tolerability of the latter; it also accelerates the postoperative wound healing process, minimizes consequences and complications of anaesthesia, and reduces the duration of the post-surgery rehabilitation period that allows for more rapid continuation of comprehensive treatment. In patients treated with the method of fetal stem cell transplantation prior to the operation, best tolerability of chemotherapy courses had been observed. Probability of metastatic process development diminishes as a result of increased anti-tumour immunity.
  • During the course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy (irradiation), in case of such complications as leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, anemia, hepatitis, enteropathy, wasting, depression, alopecia, etc., transplantation of fetal stem cells promotes rapid (5 to 7 days) restoration of peripheral blood parameters after chemotherapy, improvement of the overall condition, and helps prevent complications. Transplantation of fetal stem cells provides an opportunity for carrying out more large-scale and intensive chemotherapy with a minimum risk without violating its timeframe.
  • After chemotherapy and radiotherapy (irradiation), transplantation of fetal stem cells is instrumental in restoring anti-tumour immunity (including NK cells) and haemopoesis; it contributes to improvement of patient’s overall condition, decrease in weakness, as well as to improvement of their psycho-emotional status and quality of life.

Post-transplantation effects
Solid experience in cancer treatment allowed us to distinguish two stages in post-transplantation period that are different in time of development and clinical manifestations.

The first stage lasts for about one month and is characterized by emergence of early clinical symptoms that develop within a few hours after transplantation of fetal stem cells. We have described the early post-transplantation improvement syndrome: improvement in overall condition and appetite, decline in body temperature, diminishing weakness and sweating, restoration of self-care ability and increase in performance. This syndrome mostly occurs in patients with symptoms of severe intoxication and is often observed in patients with severe clinical course of the disease.

Also, a syndrome of psycho-functional changes is observed: reduction of somatic depression, improvement of emotional status, cognitive abilities, memory, and conative component.

The second stage of cell effect begins within one to two months after transplantation. It is related to reduced clinical manifestations of the disease and is characterized by stabilisation of haemopoesis, improvement of the immunological profile, reduction of inflammatory effects, elevation of Karnovsky index, and improved quality of life.

Stem cell therapy contributes to formation of anti-tumour immunity; that can be used for preventing oncological diseases, as well as with the purpose of avoiding relapse and metastatic process.

Duration of cancer treatment course at EmCell clinic, as a rule, totals 2 days.

Curative Effects of Fetal Stem Cell Treatment
After administration into the patient’s body, fetal stem cells migrate to the site of damage, engraft, multiplicate, undergo specialization regulated by the new host (recipient), substitute lost or damaged cells, and restore the cell mass and impaired body functions. Moreover, stem cells we use produce necessary biologically active substances (e.g. hematopoietic growth factors, interleukins, nerve growth factor, tumour necrosis factor, angiogenic and neurotrophic factors etc.). Unlike adult stem cells, fetal cells we use are not rejected by the recipient due to the late expression of histocompatibility antigen.

Main effects observed in patients after fetal stem cell transplantation encompass all levels of organization and functioning of human body, and are arranged in a systemic way. We distinguished the following major curative effects of fetal stem cell transplantation:

  • Rapid and substantial improvement of volitional, mental and physical activities of patients, stabilization and improvement of mood, positive psychophysiological changes, particularly in such areas as attention, memory, and thinking.
  • Restoration of suppressed hematopoiesis (normalization of erythrocyte, leukocyte, lymphocyte, and thrombocyte counts).
  • Restoration of the immune system competence depending on what is beneficial for the patient in his/her current condition, or stage of the disease.
  • Stimulation of trophic functions in tissues and organs, improvement in cases of deteriorated tissues, impaired functions, processes of aging, and a very vivid effect of "functional rejuvenation".
  • Normalization of homeostasis (maintenance of the constant internal environement, in particular glycemia, lipidemia, creatinemia, mineral and water metabolism, blood pressure, improvement of blood circulation, etc.).
Curative effects of fetal stem cell treatment are far beyond the possibilities of any other modern method.


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