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Villa Paz Addiction Treatment Clinic

Villa Paz Addiction Treatment Clinic

San Jose, Costa Rica

Esquivel Bonilla

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Villa Paz Clinic strives to provide excellent treatment services to the entire family system impacted by alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling issues, dual disorders and eating disorders

Villa Paz offers a wide variety of help for those seeking an alcohol treatment program and/or drug treatment program.

Each patient is assigned a treatment team consisting of a physician/psychiatrist, psychologist, primary counselor, case manager, family counselor, patient assistant and occupational therapist. This team is responsible for working with each patient to establish an individualized plan of care and recommendations for discharge.

Many staff members have personal experience with drug and/or alcohol addiction, and are active in their own recovery. They, more than anyone, know what our clients are going through and are in a position to offer the proper guidance, treatment and support. Every single member of our rehab centers’ clinical team is committed to providing the highest quality care available.

Our intensive treatment model is based on a interdisciplinary team approach and utilizes many principles espoused by the philosophies of the self-help fellowships of both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous
Fully integrated rehabilitation and wellness care in a beautiful, safe environment our mission is to provide a gateway to sobriety for you or a loved one and to aid in the achievement of lifetime dreams.

It’s a mission we do not take lightly. We provide world-class, affordable, integrated care. One of the keys to our success has been our size.  We limit the number of residential treatment clients at our facilities in order to give each person the personal care and attention they need to succeed.  No more than 15 people. Most rehabilitation and wellness centers in far-away places seem inaccessible, full of people or unknowable or merely a web presence. That is simply not good enough for those who need and deserve special care and attention.

Our goal is to create social awareness that alcoholism and addiction are primarily progressive and deadly diseases that, with help, can be treated successfully.

We help you to identify the things that are "pleasing to your life."  We work for each person to find their own "sense of life". We work with respect, individually, in novel ways. We care about people, we accompanied the patient to find his life project, recovering the passion for living.

Clinica Villa Paz offers an atmosphere of the highest quality with an excellent program that provides understanding, respect, and love on an individual level. It is a place where one can begin the process of reintegration into a new life free of addiction.

The program focuses on the dynamics of comprehensive treatment of addiction problems. The alternative we consider is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach that offers as its main components an interdisciplinary combination of medical, psychological, and emotional support, information about the disease model of addiction, and the use of resources for addiction prevention. In this manner the proper tools are provided to advance the stages of rehabilitation and achieve a balanced lifestyle. Throughout this process we consider the family to be an important pillar in the development of an individualized treatment plan.

Our philosophy is that every addict and alcoholic can, and deserves a chance to recover. We want to help end the nightmare of addiction. Ashley integrates the science of addiction medicine (including detoxification), the art of therapy and the support of holistic and 12 Step spiritual practices into a program of unique, dignified treatment for the alcoholic or drug addict. We combine professional education, medical and psychological addiction treatment, compassion, and spiritual support to help addicts and their families recover from the devastating effects of addiction.

We also offer treatment for certain co-occurring medical and psychological disorders, such as chronic pain, and have round-the-clock nursing, full-time physicians, a full-time staff psychologist and a clinically-led educational program for families.

Choosing a clinic for rehab is one of the most important decisions you might  make in your life, one that requires careful thought and consideration. In some cases, a life may even depend on it! That is why choosing a clinic with training and delivery of treatment is vital in ensuring that you receive thorough care and the most effective treatments available. Alongside our expertise, the passion of our team members who invest personally in each and every one of our patients' recovery, creates the perfect atmosphere of understanding and warmth in which recovery can flourish.

At Clinica Villa Paz, we will never give up on a patient, even if that patient has given up on themselves. Our enduring belief is that there is always a way into recovery from these problems, and it is our job to show you how. Here are twelve more reasons marking the difference. Immediate admission to our rehab clinic is possible and often necessary as our patients, and their families, can find themselves in crisis situations.


Our treatment model starts with :

In- depth assessment of each individual's unique situation allows for a treatment approach that is personalized and comprehensive. Recognizing that individuals vary widely in terms of motivation for treatment and life circumstances, the staff is committed to developing flexible strategies for achieving treatment goals. Both professional care and self-help approaches are integrated into the model.

The program's goal is to help patients achieve and maintain abstinence, reclaim a sense of self worth, and learn to manage the stresses of an active life without returning to substance dependence. For individuals who are dually diagnosed with substance dependence and other psychiatric illness, the program draws upon its expertise in this area, as well as the comprehensive mental health services of the hospital. We have different phases:

  1. Detox.
  2. Residential
  3. Rapid Rehab ( most for professionals and busy people)
  4. After care

Villa Paz Clinic staff includes physicians, psychiatrist, occupational therapists, psychologists , addiction and family counselors and other support staff members.

Our professional staff and peer counselors have assisted countless alcoholics and addicts to achieve long term sobriety and return to their community as healthy and responsible individuals.

Villa Paz professionally trained multi-disciplinary staff is uniquely positioned to deal with all aspects of the treatment and recovery process. Our staff is available to help our patients and their families through the transition into recovery also are highly qualified and experienced for each of the approaches assume that the treatment and rehabilitation of addictive behaviors. All this is part of an area of respect, integrity, confidentiality, commitment and harmony, to facilitate personal development and independent lifestyle for the patient and family. 

Our Professionals are constantly updating the knowledge on their fields of work, allowing you to provide quality care and give absolute dedication to each of our patients

Our clinic is a beautiful place over 2000 square meters, with all the facilities that make you feel comfortable in a tropical enviroment, we are equipped with gym, swimming pool, double occupancy rooms with private bath, large green areas ideal for meditation and reflection, with a small lake.

A common personality characteristic of the addict and his family is a fundamental mistrust based in difficulties, shame, concealment, deception, and other attitudes that have taken root with the passage of time. Regaining trust in oneself and others is an important part of the recovery process. Achieving this goal relies on the continued participation of everyone involved.

For Villa Paz Clinic, the confidentiality of our patients is a paramount and fundamental concern. As a result, information provided for treatment is strictly safeguarded by all professionals that make up our institution. Therefore, the decision to disclose personal information to family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and others is the privilege of the patient.



All our programs begin with a confidential evaluation to determine the most effective treatment approach for each one. Patients speak to an addiction treatment professional about their addiction, personal lives, family support and their treatment expectations. Personalized treatment plan according to the patient, also they are in a 2 days of clinical assessment with each professional area is developed (psychological, addiction counseling, medical-psychiatric, physical condition, dietician).

Housing is provided for patients who need structured living and more time to recover. Patients live in rooms with their own bathroom . Qualified addiction treatment staff is on the premises 24 hours a day to monitor the activities of patients.

Residential Treatment is offered to give a chance to get away from the distractions and triggers commonly found in everyday life and allow the individual to recuperate and focus on getting physically and mentally better.

Specific treatments based on proven and effective methods are offered for patients in need of individual care, with associated problems relating to alcohol abuse, drug dependency, eating disorders(anorexia, bulimia, overeating), depression, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, gambling, OCD and other addictive or compulsive behaviors.

Each day is carefully planned with a busy schedule of therapies, activities and exercises. During a typical 8 to 5 day, there are a variety of psychotherapeutic sessions and meetings focused on providing unique psychological  and counseling solutions to your many problems. Every individual is encouraged and supported to work on addressing the difficult and painful issues which led to the destructive and negative patterns in their lives.

Later in the evening, residents will retire to their rooms for some privacy, enjoy socializing in good company in one of the many relaxing areas around the clinic. Also we introduce them to NA or AA Meetings.

Management of long-term withdrawal symptoms is essential to maintaining sobriety. This includes understanding and accepting the symptoms that interfere with the ability to remember, think clearly, and manage feelings and emotions. It also includes overcoming the shame, guilt, and fear of being crazy that are often associated with these symptoms. It includes reducing/managing stress, memory retraining, and balanced living.

The patient will be transferred to our facility for residential treatment, this will only happen when we are sure that the patient does not have any health risk or warning signs, the patient is stabilized at that moment,  so the team design a treatment plan for this new phase,  which will give continuity by the same professionals who treated him in the previous phase, and some others that we wil include on this phase, The program is based on individual care and the sessions are given by addictions counselors, psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists, and occupational therapists, who are in the daily lives of patients, the following is a typical day in residential treatment.

Our program includes detoxification in a hospital setting supervised by physicians and nurses specializing in addiction treatment. Under the highest standards.

Detoxification doesn’t have to be unpleasant.  At Villa Paz we make the detox as relaxed, comfortable, efficient and effective as possible. A full medical assessment determines what level of medication is required, provided alongside proper nutrition, rest and particular supportive therapies. Everybody’s experience with drink or drugs has been different and so it is important to be sure that the detox process is individualized.

We have a detox program , we are located in a recognized  hospital in Costa Rica and our program is under medical supervision 24/7. Patients applicants are screened to determine their appropriateness for the services. All information remains confidential. Individuals admitted to the program while under the care of a medical or psychological professional may continue that treatment when appropriate. If required, detoxification, medical care and psychological services are available.

If a patient has found one detox drug better than another in the past, then we will adapt our detox to suit them. Having confidence that our patients will be listened to and having flexibility is really important for a comfortable detox.

It could take from 72 hours until 8 or 9 days is up to the substance and the withdrawal syndrome

During the Detoxification we treat all aspects of a persons life. Therefore recovery requires holistic treatment that leads towards long-term physical, psychological, behavioral, social, and spiritual change. Education is an extremely important aspect of treatment. Because recovery from addiction requires self-management, it is essential for addicts to learn as much as possible about their disease and how it is managed. Apart from learning about their addiction, and how to manage the sobriety-based symptoms of Post Acute Withdrawal (PAW), the recovering person will often need to deal with specialized problems including: financial difficulties, marital or relationship problems, emotional or psychological disorders (Concurrent Disorders / Dual Diagnosis), or behavioral problems that are the direct result of addiction.

Detoxification and Stabilization, this process primarily involves managing alcohol withdrawal syndrome (hospital) and stabilization of adjacent physical symptoms to the problem and a complete medical assessment, psychological assesment (psychological testing),  Mental Psychiatric  Evaluation, and Counseling evaluation and severity of alcohol abuse, Nutritional evaluation and  physical evaluation of your capacity to do exercises ), this phase can take up to 12 days. After that we will do a feedback to the patience and the family about the next level of care the the interdisciplinary team will recommend to follow. Could be here or in your country.

Rapid Rehab for Professionals package is similar to the all-inclusive program, except it is shorter in duration. Clinically, it is more intense and includes extra aftercare visits

The initial evaluation takes about two hours to complete and is completely confidential. All information obtained during treatment may not give out any information regarding your treatment without your written consent. Executives are expected to operate at a very high level and at an elevated pace. That reality makes requiring a total cessation of contact with professional colleagues for an extended period of time unworkable.

However, because addiction can be fatal, having privacy and time away from work to focus on personal issues, and clinical needs are crucial to the recovery process. Executive Care provides a blended approach to treatment. Participants have the privacy necessary to focus on the deeper individual work essential to preventing the further escalation of financial, legal and health related consequences.

At the same time, they also have the exibility to schedule access to important calls, the internet and opportunities to attend important engagements. Clinica Villa Paz supports the courageous individuals who have committed to treatment with a condensed 15 days program. This intense program differs from our longer-term treatment regime in three areas: individual counseling, a track assignment and aftercare protocol.

We double individual counseling to four hours per week, and we automatically assign patients to the Relapse Prevention Track, placing special focus on crucial abstinence skills. Since time is shorter, the Clinica Villa Paz team will design and help implement a much more intense and immediate aftercare program

We strive to help professionals and executives achieve a balance and harmony between business and career concerns and serious rehabilitative care—the goal always balances and harmony in a mindful, healthy personal and professional life lived with wellness foremost.

Many professional and business executives have struggled with drug use while brushing with the corporate ladder, and with the help of a treatment center focused on the executive level became stronger than ever.

Patients regularly come to the clinic for ongoing treatment. One-on-one counseling are offered during the day or evening to accommodate patients’ job responsibilities and family obligations.

We offer a systematized aftercare plan to help prevent any relapse… and it works. Continuous recovery is emphasized. We are equipped to provide you with various levels of support after care packages, day care, private counseling, recovery life coaching and much more. We are always with you every step of the way. Results have shown that people in recovery are at their most vulnerable during their first year after treatment.

The first year can prove to be a challenging one. This is something which can and should be addressed. That is why Villa Paz has introduced a 3 months aftercare program designed as a follow-up to primary and secondary treatment with the idea of ‘continuous recovery’ being emphasized. If you live in US we can contact you every week through skype sessions with the professionals in charge of your case, after that time the patient will achieve certain goals and create a whole therapeutic system with a place close to his/her house to continue with the aftercare.

Villa Paz has established an extensive and supportive network of ex-patients, not just in this country but around the world. They are willing to provide the guidance and encouragement which one may require during the healing process. Aftercare is open to both patients at Clinica Villa Paz well as individuals from other clinics who could benefit from such a supportive program.

Villa Paz Clinic offers the service of an intervention that corresponds a surprise meeting with the addict, organized by family and friends of the addict, led by one of our specialists.

An intervention is an orchestrated attempt by one or many people – usually family and friends – to get someone to seek professional help with an addiction or some kind of traumatic event or crisis or other serious problem. The term intervention is most often used when the traumatic event involves  addiction to drugs or  alcoholism, compulsive gambling, compulsive eating and other eating disorders, self-harm and being the victim of abuse, "workaholism", and various types of ill health personnel care.

It is a very effective way to get people to get treatment and stay sober. The goal of intervention is to raise awareness that addiction is a treatable disease and recovery is possible, and that the damage generated significant people is great.


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The treatment team is skilled at providing individual care for professionals and high profile individuals. The team consists of seasoned clinicians with extensive experience dealing with the unique behavioral challenges and highly developed defense mechanisms that this patient population frequently possesses. Each client’s treatment team includes, but is not limited to:

  • Internal Medicine Physician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist 
  • Primary Counselor
  • Family Counselor 
  • Licensed Nurses
  • Personal Trainer 
  • Nutritionist

The treatment for patients and families is executed by a group of experts consisting of certified addiction therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, nutritionists, and physical therapists.
The team is characterized by their warmth, empathy, sensitivity, and immediate responsiveness to the needs of each one of the people who come to us for help and guidance.



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Medical treatments are usually about 50-70% cheaper than in the US . Easily accessible from US and Canada. There are frequent flights from important cities in both these countries. Also Americans, Canadians and most Europeans staying in Costa Rica for less than 90 days do not require a visa. They do need a passport that is valid for at least 30 days.

Also the quality of the health care in Costa Rica is one of the most important countries in Medical tourism. Presence of top private accredited hospitals and clinics in Costa Rica. It is very common for leading doctors and surgeons in Costa Rica hospitals to have gained experience, certifications or trainings from the USA. Traditionally, the procedures that have been popular with medical tourists in Costa Rica have been cosmetic and dental treatments. But with growing standards of medical care, there is rapid medical tourism demand for various other rehab treatment and medical procedures.

We are located in Costa Rica, a tropical environment...... Within Costa Rica’s 51,200 square kilometers there is a wider variety of species of birds than in all of Europe or North America. With a relatively small population of roughly three and a half million inhabitants, Costa Rica also boasts of one of the oldest and more consolidated democracies in Latin America.

In 1869, primary education for both sexes was declared obligatory and free of cost, defrayed by the State. In 1882 the death sentence was abolished. In the 1949 the armed forces were abolished and in 1983 Perpetual Neutrality was proclaimed. Prestigious international human rights organizations have their headquarters in Costa Rica. Because of this, and of its lush 1500 kilometers of tropical sun-bathed beaches and the wild diversity of flora and fauna to be found in its wide array of microclimates (most present in one or more of its National Parks), Costa Rica has justifiably earned its reputation of paradise regained.


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