Kliniken Allianz Surgery Clinic Munich-Bogenhausen

Kliniken Allianz Surgery Clinic Munich-Bogenhausen

Munich, Germany

Denninger Str. 44 81679

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Surgery Clinic of Munich Bogenhausen in Munich, Germany

Welcome to Kliniken Allianz Surgery Clinic


The Surgery Clinic Munich-Bogenhausen is one of the best clinics in Munich, offering high-end medical care, experienced medical team, accommodation in modern and elegant rooms, all these to make the patient's medical experience as pleasant as possible.

The Surgery Clinic of Munich Bogenhausen is a subsidiary of Kliniken Allianz Munchen group, which includes twelve prestigious clinics located in southern Bavaria. The clinic has more than 90 beds and so far, more than 5,000 patients have been treated by the experienced medical team. The clinic's emergency department is available 24 hours/day and the medical team also offers outpatient treatments for their patients.

Surgery Clinic of Munich Bogenhausen in Munich, Germany

The Surgery Clinic of Munich Bogenhausen has managed to quickly grow from a small surgical private hospital to a modern multispecialty hospital, which offers a variety of treatments, procedures and services. Patients coming here benefit from personalized medical care, experienced and friendly medical staff, specialized physicians and modern medical equipment.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas P. HüttlProf. Dr. med. Thomas P. Hüttl - General, Visceral and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. med. Jörg H. Widmann Dr. med. Jörg H. Widmann - Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Ursula PeschersProf. Dr. med. Ursula Peschers - Gynecology

Dr. med. Bernhard WeigelDr. med. Bernhard Weigel - Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. med. Bernhard Liedl Dr. med. Bernhard Liedl  - Urogenital Surgery

Dr. med. Winfried Lubos Dr. med. Winfried Lubos - Executive Director

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Treatments and procedures offered

  • Obesity surgery
  • General surgery
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology Spinal Center
  • Gynecology
  • Pelvic Floor procedures
  • Urology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery
  • Anesthesia and Intensive Care
  • Radiology
  • Outpatient center of excellence
  • Private practice for rectal disorders

Germany Foreign Treatments and Procedues

We know that for many people the transition to a hospital is often associated with great anxiety and worry. We therefore feel particularly committed to provide our patients an environment in which they feel at ease. Our patients will always feel that they are the focus of our work. We are constantly striving to reduce fears and become closer to our patients. We provide highly trained, caring staff and a comfortable, appealing atmosphere to our patients in order to help them recover quickly.

Dr. Winfried Lubos

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