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Teknon Medical Center located in Barcelona, Spain provides comprehensive medical services and covers all medical and surgical specialties, including Oncology, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Traumatology, Aesthetic/Plastic Surgery, and Neurosurgery. Learn more about this leading European medical center.
Aurea Clinic, located in Seville, Spain, is a modern plastic surgery clinic offering a variety of treatments and procedures for local and international patients. The plastic surgeons working at this clinic have been trained in renowned universities and hospitals all over the world, and they are using the latest medical equipment to achieve high success rates.
  • Abdominoplasty from $6900
  • Breast Reduction from $7400
  • Fat Transplant or Cell Assisted Lipotransfer from $3300
  • Bariatric Surgery from $17000
Dentaesthetic Corporation, located in Sabadell, Spain provides the latest services in dental technology at an unbeatable price. Expert dental staff at Dentaesthetic Corporation makes the whole experience extraordinary for the patients.

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CQM, is Mataro´s Private Hospital, located at the beautiful Barcelona coast, Spain. High experienced surgeons in Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, General Surgery and Dental Implants treatments. CQM Hospital is dedicated to the constant pursuit of excellence, committed to high quality medical care, featuring experienced and trained professionals and using the latest technology, all in a
Global Dent Balear was founded by Dr. Jos? Manuel Orgaz with the aim of satisfying the needs of local and international patients offering specialized, high quality services, with guarantees and the possibility for financing. The center provides the most advanced technologies and solutions for all treatments related to dental care. The highly trained medical team will ensure the best possible diagn
ICA, Instituto de Cirugia Avanzada is located in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain and offers a wide range of affordable, top-notch plastic surgery, odontology, dentistry, aesthetic medicine and integrative medicine. With a renowned team of dedicated medical specialists, the medical center welcomes both local and international patients. ICA, Institute of Advanced Surgery has the ISO9001 quality certif
  • Breast Augmentation from $9480
  • Breast Reduction from $7800
  • Breast Lift from $7800
  • Abdominoplasty from $7000
  • Liposculpture from $13382
  • Liposuction from $6800

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Morgenstern Institute of Spine in Barcelona, Spain follows systematic and proven methods of spinal surgeries and treatments that involve the customized diagnosis of each patient. They review, evaluate, diagnose and prepare the best treatment plan for each patient at their facility.
Mark Hardwick

My experience with Christian Morgenstern has been poor. I've seen him twice. The first time he examined me for less than 30 seconds, before recommending 2 CAT scans, (1 PET) and 2 xrays representing a sizable xray dose. I subsequently found I needed another CAT scan for my hip and tried to contact him because I didn't want 3 CAT scans and wanted to discuss the best way forward. He refused to answer me. Finally, with no further input from him, I got a normal CAT and 2 xrays. He didn't look at the xrays at all, and declared that he he wanted the PET scan not the normal CAT. When I challenged him that all he had to do was answer me and that now i'd had unnecessary scans, he said he didn't work that way and kept going on about the missing scan. Finally he stated that there was nothing for me but major surgery (I've since found there are a variety of less invasive options), however from looking at me walk it was clear I could live with the pain (i don't suffer pain when walking, it's lying down that causes all my pain and it's serviere). He may be he's a technically competent surgeon I don't know, and there's no way I'd let him operate on me. As a doctor he's terrible. Arrogant, dismissive, uncaring about his patients & jumps to conclusions without investigation. Avoid.

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