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Chronic Diseases medical centers in Bogota, Colombia

Your wellness is our priority... from bariatric, dental, cosmetic, and opthalmological treatments we guarantee the highest level of services in Latin America.
  • Gastric Bypass from $12200
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy from $11200
  • LASIK Surgery from $1800
  • Breast Implants from $5000
  • Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty from $4500
  • Breast Reduction from $5300

Clinica del Occidente

Bogota, Colombia
Clinica del Occidente characterized as one of the most dynamic in Bogotá, because it deals with relevant resolution and a large number of users per month.

Costs of Chronic Diseases procedures in South America



Allergic Respiratory Diseases in Canada$150Enquire
Arthritis in Azerbaijan$3250Enquire
Back Pain in Croatia$22 - $12500Enquire
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in Philippines$200Enquire
Diabetes in Philippines$31 - $19350Enquire
Eating Disorders in Australia$34 - $325Enquire
HIV/AIDS in Philippines$200Enquire
Insomnia in China$54 - $2460Enquire
Osteoporosis in Germany$12 - $1174Enquire
Psoriasis in Philippines$20 - $18000Enquire

Fundación Cardioinfantil

Bogota, Colombia
Fundación Cardioinfantil has the highest quality treatment with the most technologically advanced cardiac health care service.

Fundación Santa Fe

Bogota, Colombia
Fundación Santa Fe is the one of the best hospital in Bogota, Colombia. It specializes in Anesthology, Cardiology, Surgery and other health services. It has State-of-the-art equipment that renders an accurate diagnosis in real time, safely and radiation and pain free.

Advanced Diabetes Treatment Worldwide

  • Although diabetes is quickly spreading affecting people of all ages, medics believe that the rampant epidemic can be controlled.
  • PlacidWay Medical Tourism
  • Denver, United States
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Second Opinion for Smoking Related Diseases

  • Finding out that you have a serious smoker-related disease can be frightening and stressful. Some patients find that another doctor's opinion about their disease, before undergoing a procedure or treatment, can often help them deal with the stress and uncertainty.?
  • IMC Intermed-Consult
  • Frankfurt, Germany
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Hospital San Ignacio de Bogota

Bogota, Colombia
Hospital San Ignacio de Bogota provides health care system by mobilizing and enhancing strengths and resources of the University Hospitals in terms of patient care, education and research.

Instituto de Ortopedia Infantil Roosevelt

Bogota, Colombia
Instituto de Ortopedia Infantil Roosevelt is one of the best hospitals for medical treatment offering the Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, Organ Transplant and Orthopedics and Rheumatology Integrated treatment Programs in Bogota, Colombia.

Instituto Ortopedia Infantil Roosevelt

Bogota, Colombia
Instituto Ortopedia Infantil Roosevelt is the 5th best private University hospital specialty hospital and the second child, for their ongoing work in security, dignity, human capital and clinical outcomes in patients in Colombia.


Bogota, Colombia
Mederi gives pharmaceutical and insurance firms precise orientation in the healthcare market.
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