Kliniken Allianz M1 Health Care Center Kliniken Allianz M1 Health Care Center

Munich, Germany

AHCC Ambulatory Health Care Center Marienplatz 1 D 80331

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M1 Health Care Centerin Munich, Germany

Welcome to Kliniken Allianz M1
Health Care Center

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The M1 Health Care Center, located in Munich, Germany, offers high quality Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, as well as Ear, Nose, Throat Medicine. The center offers young patients access to a variety of specialist expertise and a medical team with vast experience in the main areas of pediatrics.

Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Munich, Germany

The M1 Health Care Center offers assistance as partners, and it is not a substitute for local pediatric healthcare offered by the family doctor. We are here to help whenever the family doctor requires a specialist in the case of complex medical issues, when chronic or multiple illnesses are concerned. By bringing together  an experienced team of physicians and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to help  our young patients have a successful medical experience.

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Why Choose Us?

 Ear, Nose, Throat Medical Care Germany

  • Specialists for the entire range of medical care for children and adolescents

  • Patient-friendly medical staff and organizational structure

  • No waiting lists

  • Multilingual medical team

  • Reduced time for administrative tasks, increased time for the patient care

  • Central location in Munich

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Treatments & Procedures Offered


Pediatrics and adolescent medicine

  • Allergology & asthma

  • Pediatric cardiology

  • Endocrinology & diabetology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Hematology & tumor diagnostics

  • Dermatology

  • Pediatric nephrology

  • Technical facilities


Health Care Centers Munich, Germany

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Ear, nose & throat medicine

  • Disorders of the nose: restricted nasal ventilation, nasal concha hyperplastia, congenital disorders of the nose, adenoid pads

  • Disorders of the pharynx: inflammatory changes of the pharyngeal wall, inflammations of the tonsils

  • Disorders of the larynx, vocal chords and upper windpipe

  • Ear diseases: ventilation problems of the ear, accumulation of fluid behind the eardrum, hardness of hearing

  • Acute breathlessness

  • Swallowing difficulties

Germany Healthcare Options

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Allergy laboratory

  • Top notch diagnostics technology: the Phadia 250 system

  • ISAC chip used for component diagnostics

  • Specific IgE diagnostics

  • Analysis of inflammatory mediators of the allergic immune process

  • Celiac diagnostics

Medical Tourism Medical Care Germany

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M1 Health Care Center Medical Team


Dr. Peter BartelsDr. Peter Bartels

Pediatrics & adolescent med.
Atopic dermatitis coach

Dr. Marcus BenzDr. Marcus Benz

Pediatric & adolescent med.
Pediatric nephrologist
Continence and asthma trainer
Specialist genetic counseling

Prof. Dr. Stefan EberProf. Dr. Stefan Eber

Pediatrics & adolescent med.

Dr. Marion EckertDr. Marion Eckert

Pediatric & adolescent med.
Travel medicine

Dr. Reinhard ErdlDr. Reinhard Erdl

Pediatrics & adolescent med.
Asthma coach
Atopic dermatitis coach

Dr. Linda JohnstonDr. Linda Johnston

Pediatrics & adolescent med.

Dr. Richard KirchmairDr. Richard Kirchmair

Ear, nose & throat medicine



Prof. Dr. Heiko SternProf. Dr. Heiko Stern

Pediatrics & adolescent med.
Pediatric cardiology

Dr. Simon MayerDr. Simon Mayer

Managing Director
Pediatrics & adolescent med.
Environmental medicine


Germany Accredited Medical Centers

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The M1 Health Care Center Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine/Ear, Nose & Throat Medicine can take care of your child in an effective, friendly and professional manner. Contact us and we will offer you high quality medical care for your child!

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