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Franco e Rizzi Clinica

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Affordable Weight Loss (Obesity) Surgery in Brazil… Dr. Roberto Rizzi and his team specializes in Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery as well as other Bariatric surgeries. Dr. Rizzi's team of professionals includes dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist, anesthesiologists, physician and plastic surgeons, all specialized in obesity treatment. Cost of obesity surgery is significant lower in Brazil then in many other countries.


, Brazil
We are a vital service for you, the patient who is considering surgery abroad, in the planning stages with many questions, medical and logistic concerns, budgeting, language and even cultural aspects to consider.


Vitoria, Brazil
Offering a complete and personalized service especially for those of you wishing to have Plastic or Weight Loss surgeries and/or other aesthetic or medical treatments in Brazil. We have a complete team of concierges, nurses, physical therapists, surgeons, dermatologists and dentists, besides of the best hospital of Vitoria.
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