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Stem Cells Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Package by Mediland clinic in Ukraine, Poland, Austria

Package price starting from: $9000
Treatment: Neurology,Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis
Associated Center: Mediland Clinic
Ukraine, Kiev , Rostislavskaya 11-B Kyiv , Ukraine
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Unlock Hope with Regenerative Medicine for MS in Kyiv, Ukraine

Stem Cells Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Package in Kyiv, Ukraine by Mediland Clinic

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Stem Cell Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease in MexicoStem cell therapy is revolutionizing the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at Mediland Clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine. Also have representative offices in Poland ( Katowice) and Austria ( Vienna). This groundbreaking approach harnesses the body's own healing mechanisms, offering renewed hope to patients globally. 

Our Mediland clinic,  have a great working experience in treatment of different autoimmune diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Dementia, ALS, other neuro degenerative diseases.

We have our own cryo bank, laboratory and clinic, that is why we can control the quality and purity of the product. We also have our own research center and have clinical and scientific works. According to our hard work during 16 years we can garantee the average treatment success rate about 85% .

Cost of Stem Cells Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis in Ukraine, Poland, Austria

You can get Stem Cells Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Package in Ukraine, Poland Austria by Mediland Clinic with the price starts at $9,000. Please refer to our price list table below:


Cost in USD

Kyiv, Ukraine ( Poland, Austria)


United Kingdom


United States


Note: price may change and vary depends on complexity of procedures and patient conditions. Click free quote button below to learn more:

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Advantages of Choosing Stem Cells for Multiple Sclerosis in Ukraine ( Poland, Austria)

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Ukraine offers affordable treatment options without compromising quality, making it accessible to a broader range of patients.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Mediland Clinic employs state-of-the-art stem cell protocols and equipment, ensuring optimal outcomes.

  • Experienced Medical Professionals: The clinic boasts a team of seasoned specialists with extensive experience in MS stem cell therapy.

  • Holistic Care Approach: Beyond treatment, Mediland provides holistic support, including rehabilitation services and ongoing monitoring.

  • Cultural Immersion: Patients can explore  countrie's rich history and vibrant culture, enhancing the overall healing experience.

Overview of the Stem Cells Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis at Mediland

Mediland's stem cell treatment for MS involves thorough assessments, personalized protocols, stem cell administration, and post-treatment monitoring. The process integrates cutting-edge technology and medical expertise to optimize patient outcomes and quality of life.

Stem Cells Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Package Inclusions

  • Comprehensive Medical Evaluation: Initial assessments to determine eligibility and customize treatment plans.

  • Stem Cell Therapy Sessions: Administration of stem cells using advanced techniques tailored to individual needs.

  • Post-Treatment Follow-Up: Regular check-ups and monitoring to track progress and address any concerns.

  • Rehabilitation Services: Physical therapy and support programs to aid recovery and improve functional abilities.

  • Accommodation and Logistics: Assistance with travel arrangements, accommodation, and local amenities for a hassle-free experience.

Stem Cells Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Package Exclusions

  • Travel Expenses: Costs related to travel, visas, and transportation to and from Ukraine ( Poland, Austria)

  • Personal Expenses: Any additional services or items not specified in the treatment package.

  • Specialized Tests or Procedures: Any diagnostic tests or procedures beyond the standard protocol.

  • Extended Stay: Charges for prolonged accommodation beyond the treatment duration.

  • Emergency Medical Services: Costs associated with unexpected medical emergencies unrelated to the treatment.

Stem Cells Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Pre-Op Tests

  • Neurological Evaluation: Assessing MS symptoms, disease progression, and neurological function.

  • Blood Tests: Comprehensive blood work to evaluate overall health and identify any potential contraindications.

  • Imaging Studies: MRI scans to assess brain and spinal cord lesions characteristic of MS.

  • Cardiac Evaluation: Assessing cardiovascular health and suitability for stem cell therapy.

  • Psychological Assessment: Evaluating mental health and emotional readiness for the treatment journey.

Experienced Stem Cells Doctors in Ukraine ( Poland, Austria)

Mediland Clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine, is home to a team of highly experienced and dedicated medical professionals specializing in stem cell therapy for various conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis. We also have representatibve offices in Poland and  Austria from 2024. Led by neurologists, stem cell specialists, and rehabilitation experts, the clinic's staff ensures personalized care tailored to each patient's unique needs. With a focus on excellence and compassion, Mediland's team guides patients through every step of the treatment journey, offering comprehensive support and expertise to achieve optimal outcomes and improve quality of life.

Is Stem Cells Treatment for MS Right for You?

  • Disease Stage: Ideal for patients in the early to moderate stages of MS with limited disability.

  • Health Status: Suitable for individuals in overall good health with no contraindications to stem cell therapy.

  • Expectations: Realistic expectations and commitment to post-treatment care and rehabilitation.

  • Consultation: A thorough consultation with Mediland's medical team to assess suitability and address any concerns.

  • Patient Consent: Informed decision-making and consent based on a comprehensive understanding of the treatment process.

What to Expect During the Stem Cells Treatment for MS?

  • Initial Consultation: Detailed medical history review, physical examination, and treatment planning.

  • Stem Cell Administration: Intravenous or intrathecal administration of stem cells as per personalized protocols.

  • Post-Treatment Care: Monitoring, rehabilitation sessions, and follow-up appointments to track progress.

  • Potential Side Effects: Understanding and managing potential side effects such as fever, fatigue, or transient worsening of symptoms.

  • Long-Term Follow-Up: Continued support, lifestyle recommendations, and periodic evaluations for sustained benefits.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do stem cells treat MS?

A: Stem cells have regenerative properties that may repair damaged nerves and modulate the immune system, potentially reducing MS symptoms.

Q: Is stem cell therapy safe for MS?

A: When performed by experienced professionals in a controlled environment like Mediland Clinic, stem cell therapy for MS can be safe and effective.

Q: What are the success rates of stem cell treatment for MS?

A: Success rates vary, but many patients report improvements in symptoms and quality of life after undergoing stem cell therapy at reputable clinics.

Q: Are there any risks or side effects?

A: Potential risks include infection, bleeding, or temporary worsening of symptoms. However, these are rare and closely monitored during treatment.

Q: How long does recovery take after stem cell therapy for MS?

A: Recovery timelines vary, but patients typically experience gradual improvements over weeks to months, with ongoing support and rehabilitation.

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