Low Cost Packages for Lap-Band-Surgery in Puerto-Vallarta, Mexico

Lap-Band-Surgery Packages in Puerto-Vallarta, Mexico

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Lap Band for just $ 5,200 USD.3 hospital nights included! The Lap Band (Laparoscopic gastric banding) is a procedure in which we will place an inflatable band around the upper portion of the stomach to lower how much food you can consume. It is minimally invasive and we can adjust it or reverse it. To learn more, click on package detail.
Surgimed Clinica, in Ensenada, Mexico is one of the expert clinics that perform Gastric Sleeve  (Laparoscopic) and it costs ONLY USD $6,800.
Bypass Gastrico Merida offers LAP-Band Surgery as an effective bariatric procedure to get rid of obesity and its long-term side-effects. LAP-Band surgery is ideal to have complete relief from excessive fat accumulation in the body. Get complete details about the package here.
Get the best Lap Band Revision Surgery to Gastric Sleeve package offered by the best clinics in Mexico. Find all the crucial details here
Bariatric surgery can help you end the weight gain cycle! All bariatric surgery procedures have the same purpose: reducing the size of the stomach and therefore reducing the food intake. There is always a bariatric procedure fir for each patient's needs.
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