Beard Transplant in Turkey & the Hair Transplant Procedure

The hairline is the frame of the face. For a male with a desire to enhance his look, a natural beard can be achieved, even if Mother Nature has not been so generous. That is when hair transplant in Turkey can be the best option. Growing popular for the past decade, hair transplant in Turkey has drawn men here from all over the world. They are constantly growing in numbers and opting for the cheap hair transplants, while solving the absence of hair, permanently.

The Special Needle Transplantation Technique

For many, the beard and moustache are a symbol of masculinity. Because the Needle technique leaves no scars, neither in the donor area nor in the receptor area, it is optimal for constructing or reconstructing facial hair.

In hair transplantations, Dr. Bülent combines experience and dexterity with the artistic and aesthetic concerns.

 “A natural hairline worked with very thin needles and only by single grafts, gives back the relaxed and self-confident look to your face”, says Dr. Bülent from Estetik Istanbul.The grafts are placed in circular holes with their angles being given with thin needles. As it requires a very sensitive working process, the transplant phase takes longer".

How is a beard or a moustache transplant done ?

The hairs (grafts) are taken one by one from the back of the head, otherwise called donor area. The surgeon can extract several hairs from one graft, which he separates and replants in the bald area, one by one.

In the transplantation phase, working the grafts with the same angles of the natural hair, gives the most natural results. The grafts are placed in circular holes with their angles being given with thin needles. As it requires a very sensitive working process, transplant phase takes longer.

The key factors in the hair transplantation procedure are the quality and shape of the hair available. “The manual process is most precise and the outcomes are very attractive. The needle techniques used by us is a very unique technique as it does not require the scalpel” says Dr. Bülent from Esthetik International in Istanbul.

For me, each beard or moustache transplant case is an individual project. Each patient has his specific needs. At Estetik International, we create a customized program based on the specific outcomes desired. With the soft touch and thin needles, the healing is quick and very good quality thus the moustache transplant or and beard transplant patient can go home within 2 to 3 days".


- The circular grafts are transplanted in circular holes, leaving a natural healing process with invisible scars

- As the hair implant is done using the natural angles to the grafts, the outcome is a completely natural look

- Especially in the hair frontline, for the most natural results, it is the most appropriate technique.

How long does the surgery take?

From the moment the patient walks in the operating room, it takes between 2 and 6 hours to transplant the hairs, depending on the area to be covered. Between the 1-2 hours for moustache and beard transplant, up to 6 hours for hair transplantation on the head.

When can you see the results?

Within 6 to 8 months after the hair transplant procedure, you will see the results of the transplantation.

Am I eligible for hair transplant?

If you suffer from alopecia (androgenic hair loss), or have lost your hair because of illness, or treatment, you can benefit from this innovative hair transplantation technique.

However, those who are going to Turkey for hair transplant, they want to have a beard transplant in the beard and/or moustache to enhance their self-esteem and emphasize their masculinity, regardless if they do it for personal or for business reasons. 

At Estetik, many patients have come with models for beard transplant and moustache transplant too. Turkish models such as KenanImirzalioglu and Burak Özcivit are the most popular. 

Hair Transplant Prices

The prices differ with every patient who opts for hair transplant in Turkey. Each one has a different story, hair loss pattern and bald area. However, they all benefit from the medical tourism offers, such as packages that include airport transfer, a 5 star hotel room, optional city tours and all the best care.

The overall prices for moustache or beard transplant can start at $1000 and can go as high as $2500. However, you can benefit from seasonal discounts if you make an informed decision.

Become an International Patient

Estetik International is one of the most important aesthetic centers in Turkey, founded in 1999 by Bülent CIHANTIMUR M.D. Estetik International is now one of the top aesthetic clinics in the world, helping between 1000-1500 patients each year get their hair back.  Estetik has 5 different clinics in Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa.

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