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Arthroplasty, Orthopedic-Knee-Surgery medical centers in Puerto-Vallarta, Mexico


Dr. Jose Manuel Hernandez | Orthopedic Surgeon

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dr. Jose Manuel Hernandez provides the best medical care with quality and warmth in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with all the support and professionalism of his medical staff for the satisfaction of each patient. His practice is based on a fundamental principle: personalized attention.


Dr. Max Greig Orthopedic Surgeon

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you are considering traveling abroad for your Orthopedic procedure to enhance your mobility, then, you have come to right place! Dr. Max Greig located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, specializes in Orthopedic Surgery with the most advanced techniques and materials combined with decades of experience!

CMQ Hospitals

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
We offer the latest technology, the best professional team and the confidence that our full attention is on giving you the humane treatment you deserve. We work with the full intention that you receive treatment that will comfort and surprise you. Allow us to assist in the recovery process for your health; remember that: More than hospital services ... what we offer is hope for life.

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