DDr Heinrich Clinic Reviews in Vienna, Austria

DDr Heinrich Clinic Reviews in Vienna, Austria

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Landhausgasse 2
Focus Area: Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat and Stem Cells | Liposuction | Regenerative therapies with Stem Cells | Joint and Osteoarthritis stem cell therapies | Ovarian Rejuvenation | Treatments for the regeneration of face, skin, and hair | Therapies for Weight loss | Vienna, Austria

About DDr Heinrich Clinic

The DDr. Heinrich Clinic, located in Vienna, Austria, was founded in 1994. The founder of the center, Dr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, enjoys a worldwide reputation for his regenerating and rejuvenating treatments. Patients choosing the DDr. Heinrich Clinic benefit from interdisciplinary therapeutically indicated regenerative and rejuvenating medicine.

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Alternative Medicine,Anti Aging,Chronic Diseases,Stem Cell Therapy Reviews in Vienna, Austria

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    Great team, first class care! I feel in competent hands.

    Google Oct 23 2021
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    Very competent and friendly team. DDr. Heinrich is very professional and really takes the time to understand the needs of patients and explain all possible treatment options to find the best solution for the patient.

    Google Oct 08 2021
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    I would like to leave a big compliment for the ordination of DDr. Heinrich. The team is super friendly. My questions were answered very competently and respectfully by Dr. Henry enlightened. Thanks. Highly recommended.

    Google Sep 21 2021
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    A very recommendable sympathetic ordination. Extremely friendly assistants. Mr. GDR. takes the time to discuss the treatment in detail.
    And I am over the moon to have had this treatment. I havenot had any pain since then, I can go about my professional life and, above all, my hobbies of cycling and long walks without any worries. live out
    thank you very much

    Google Sep 22 2022
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    I have no pain after 5 days after the procedure
    Its beautiful without pain

    Google Sep 27 2022
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    Kudos for the commitment of DDr. Heinrich, I was given very good advice.

    Google Aug 03 2021
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    Excellent service! I would contact Dr. Heinrich and his team turn around.

    Google Aug 20 2021
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    Very nice Ordi with a friendly team, no waiting time. Dr. Heinrich took a lot of time and I feel that I am in good hands.

    Google Sep 01 2021
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    Was here because of my knee. Very good experience, everything well organized. You rarely find that these days. No more pain when walking. My recommendation!

    Google Sep 16 2021
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    Was received by a very friendly team in a neat ambience. Dr. Heinrich took plenty of time for me. I felt very competent advice.

    Google Oct 01 2021