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Best Endoscopic Face Lift Procedure in Thailand through the Nirunda Clinic Bangkok

Endoscopic Face Lift in Thailand

We all want to stay young forever! 

Look and feel beautiful and confident without thinking twice about sagging cheeks or forehead!

A new fresh look will put a smile on your face!

Fool time with Nirunda Clinic - here to help you restore your former beauty with an Endoscopic Face Lift!

Endoscopic Face Lift in Thailand

Endoscopic Face Lift in Thailand

An endoscopic facelift in Thailand can restore your beauty with no visible scars because Nirunda uses the most innovative techniques.

As opposed to the traditional Face Lift, the newer endoscopic facelift, uses 4-5 mm incisions in the scalp and temple region and uses an endoscope (small camera with light source attached) and performs all the necessary surgery.

Traditional face lift - using a surgical knife would have left visible scars.

Therefore, the biggest benefit of endoscopic face lift at Nirunda in Thailand is that of minimal or no scarring with minimal chance of any permanent numbness. Also, because it focuses on the specific parts of the face, the surgeon is able to better perform the surgery.

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The Nirunda endoscopic facelift in Thailand is intended to lift the tissues of the face and neck in an effort to improve the jawline, neck and descended tissues of the face.

Nirunda's Endoscopic Face Lift in Thailand ProcedureEndoscopic Face Lift in Thailand

Nirunda's endoscopic approach is by minimal incision approach which works very well in the brow and mid-facial regions.

The endoscopic facelift typically takes about three to four hour to perform. Endoscopic face lift begins by making small incisions on the hairline and in the mouth.

The eyebrow is elevated to a higher position, the glabellar area is treated with cable sutures. Midface soft tissue is repositioned and the cheek is lifted to a higher position.

After the anesthesia has weared off you are checked by Nirunda's Cosmetic Surgeon and follow-up for the next 9 days.

Endoscopic Face Lift in Bangkok Price Tag

What is included in the endoscopic face lift package?

  • The procedure cost
  • Medication

Please note that the endoscopic face lift in Bangkok is usually performed on an outpatient basis and no overnight hospital stay is required.

Nirunda can help you in finding the best hotel that is conveniently close to the clinic and will fit your budget.

Recovery from Endoscopic facelift

Face Lift Surgery In ThailandPain is uncommon in this type of cosmetic surgery - mostly slight discomfort will be felt. It takes two weeks for most of the swelling and any bruising to resolve - some cheek swelling persists for about 3 weeks post-operatively.

Nirunda's facial plastic surgeons use fine, delicate sutures to close all incisions and most are dissolvable. The remaining ones are removed within 7-9 days post-operatively.

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Endoscopic facelift plays no role in repositioning of the jowls, the neck muscle or the deeper tissues of the face. For this it would be better to choose a traditional Facelift procedure.

Note: The endoscopic face lift can be performed independent of a facelift or in conjunction with a facelift.

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Act now to benefit from the best endoscopic face lift procedure in Thailand.

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