Advanced Sex Reassignment Surgery Female to Male in Bangkok Thailand

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Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery in Bangkok Thailand

Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand

Sex Reassignment surgery from female to male includes surgical procedures that will reshape a female body to appear like that of a genetic male.

Male sex hormones, testosterone, are also used to augment the whole female to male surgery transition process.

Because most of the female to male surgical and non-surgical procedures are irreversible, a comprehensive evaluation of the patient must be done by at least 2 qualified, board-certified mental health professionals.

Letter of recommendation by these evaluating professionals are then required before breast and genital surgery can be done.

In order to obtain this letter, the sex change female to male patients must meet the eligibility and readiness criteria as enumerated in the HBIGDA Standards of Care.

At Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, the sex change operation specialists will guide you carefully through the transition from female to male to ensure the successful completion of your process.

You will have complete guidance from doctors and nurses alike, in the most comfortable environment!

Sex Reassignment Surgery Cost and Process Prices

From Female to Male

Sex Reassignment Surgery Female to Male Bangkok Thailand Price

Please bear in mind that the Dollar Price is for orientation purposes ONLY, and according to the currency fluctuation $-Thai Baht these price may differ from the ones shown in this package.

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Sex Reassignment Surgery  Female to Male, in Bangkok Thailand Costs

Sex Reassignment Surgery  Female to Male Costs in Thailand

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