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Sex Reassignment Surgery | MTF in Thailand

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Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Sex Change Operation
Associated Center: Yanhee Hospital
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Males suffering of Gender Identity Disorder can benefit from genitalia surgery after filling in the required documents. This surgery creates a complete genital anatomy with labia, clitoris and vaginal canal. The clitoris allows stimulation and orgasm. The vaginal canal is 5-7 inches deep and is performed by Penile Skin Inversion technique if the length of the penis is adequate, or by Colon Vaginoplasty technique.

  • Discontinue hormone therapy at least 2 weeks before surgery to avoid risk of thembus formation
  • Smoking & drinking of alcohol should be stopped at least 1 month prior to surgery
  • Must have letter of recommendation for surgery from 2 mental health practitioners
  • Consultation with specialist
  • Must have no fluid or food intake for 8 hours prior to surgery

Anesthesia: General Anesthesia

Duration: 5-8 hours

  • Creation of anatomically realistic external female genitalia complete with labia and clitoris and vaginal cavity with image-package-price-sex-change-operation-yanhee-hospitalpenile skin inversion or colon vaginoplasty. The vaginal tunnel is created between the urethra/prostate gland/bladder and the rectum. The depth of this newly created space is normally between 5-7 inches from the beginning to the end of recto-vesical pouch (depends on patient's penile length).
  • A portion of glans (head of penis), with its nerves and vessels intact, is converted into clitoris (functional in sensation & appearance).
  • Excess erective tissue around urethra is removed to avoid symptoms that stem from engorged erectile tissue during sexual arousal.


  • Only a liquid diet is allowed 5-7 days after surgery. Avoid high fiber drinks or dairy products as these may induce defecation.
  • Legs should be kept separated when sleeping for about a week.
  • Clean neo-vagina with antiseptic solution.
  • Start walking 5-7 days post-op
  • Use of dilator (from small to larger size) dilate for 30 minutes at least 2 x every day
  • No sexual intercourse at least 2 months after surgery
  • Hormone therapy may be resumed 1 week after the surgery (before resuming, consultation with an endocrinologist is highly advised)


  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Further details of procedures may be requested through e-mail.


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