Beauty Center I Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Beauty Center I Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz CH - 7310

Focus Area: Dermatology | Allergology | Microdermabrasion | Anti-Aging Package | Two Ericson Rejuvenation | Diamond Dermabrasion | Skin Resurfacing | Pregnancy Stretch Marks Removal | Removal of Pigmentary | Anti wrinkle Injection Treatment | Lip Augmentation | Hyaluron Filler | Botox © | Vistabel | Fruit Acid Peeling | Mesotherapy | Microdermabrasion | Skin Rashes | Eczema Clinic | Allergy Clinic | Skin Cancer Prevention | Mole screening | Bad Ragaz, Switzerland Best Anti wrinkle Injection Treatment Hospital, Botox Center, Affordable Microdermabrasion Clinic, Stretch Marks Removal Treatment, Diamond Dermabrasion Cost, Top Qualified Skin Doctor, Benefits of Skin Resurfacing, Pregnancy Stretch Marks Removal Treatment, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

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Beauty Center I Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Welcome to Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The Leading Wellbeing and Medical Health Resort in Europe

Beauty is subjective – only those who are happy with themselves and their appearance can truly feel good in their own skin. Feelings of self-confidence and being comfortable with our appearance have a huge impact on our enjoyment of life. Happiness brings beauty – just as beauty brings happiness. And this is where the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz takes its inspiration. At the Leading Wellbeing & Medical Health Resort in Europe, we offer our guests not only a traditional spa resort but also a wide range of beauty treatments.

Surrounded by tranquillity, space and time, we offer you an exclusive retreat for relaxation and recuperation. At a spectacular location – nestled amidst the foothills of the Alps in Eastern Switzerland. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is centred around a bathing and spa tradition spanning hundreds of years. This tradition forms the basis of the unique combination of our own thermal spring and wellness oasis. Holistic and interdisciplinary medical expertise. Everything that a five-star luxury resort has to offer, including excellent service. As a first-class spa and wellness hotel with its own Medical Health Center, we offer our guests individual paths to and opportunities for relaxation, health maintenance and healing. Our offers are tailored to the individual needs of our guests – whether they are looking for a place to relax and indulge in enjoyable moments, exclusive experiences or a chance to actively improve their health.

Bad Ragaz Beauty

Dermatology, Med Skin Care & Laser treatments

For thousands of years, people have attached great importance to beautiful and healthy skin This is still true today for both women and men. Skin disorders or dermatological/aesthetic problems can be extremely distressing for people affected and detract greatly from their quality of life. The skin is both our largest organ and our interface with the environment. It is directly exposed to harmful environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation from the sun and reflects the aging process and our internal state of health like no other organ.

Med Skin Care

Youthful, radiant skin is the best indicator of allover beauty. We use effective active dermacosmetic ingredients combined with the latest technologies and minimally invasive treatments to keep your skin young – or even renew it.

    * (Micro-) Dermabrasion
      face and neck, décolletage, arms and hands

    * Dermastamp Mesotherapy
      face and neck, décolletage

    * Treatments with rejuvenating factors
      face and neck, décolletage, arms and hands by using biological activators and Pellevé

    * Fruit acid peeling alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)
      face and neck, décolletage, arms and hands

    * Microneedling / Radio refrequencies
      to rejuvenate your skin, scar and acne treatment

Skincare Treatment

Dermatology & Allergology

These days, beautiful, healthy skin is essential for a well-groomed, attractive appearance. This is why skin diseases can greatly affect a person and strongly impact their quality of life. We offer a comprehensive medical consultation and therapy for dermatological and allergological illnesses.

    * General dermatological advice
       For scalp disorders, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, nail fungus, etc.

    * Professional skin cancer prevention / Mole screening
      Skin examination and classification of risk, removal of any conspicuous moles, if
Skin type determination
      Face, including individual care recommendations

    * Acne and rosacea clinic
Individual treatment concepts

    * Allergy clinic
to exclude allergies

    * Photodynamic therapy
to treat basalioma

   * Children’s dermatology clinic
      For skin rashes, itching, warts, eczema, etc.

Aesthetic Dermatology

In our society, people pay a lot of attention to how skin looks. We highlight your natural beauty by optimising the contours of your face, harmonising any problem areas and reducing signs of aging.

    * Botox
      to reduce wrinkles and inordinate sweating

    * Radiesse & Volume filler
      for modelling specific facial areas

    * Hyaluron filler
      anti-wrinkle injection treatment, soft/basic/intense

    * Lip volume & modelling
      with philtrum correction, if required

    * Combination of botox and volume filler
      to optimize the results

    * Vampire / Plasma lifting
      for modelling facial or smaller areas

    * Thread lifting
       to rejunevate your face, to reduce and lift single wrinkles, a face lifting without cutting

    * Hair treatments
       hair clinic, hair implantation

    * Operations
      removal of interfering skin alterations, scar corrections, small ambulant facial surgeries

Laser treatment

Laser treatments

Today, innovative laser technologies are a crucial part of aesthetic dermatology. Our long-standing experience in the use of state-of-the-art laser devices means that we can visibly reduce signs of aging, or remove unwanted skin alterations in a targeted manner.

    * Face lifting
3D and 4D face lifting, skin resurfacing

    * Laser peeling
      to rejuvenate your skin

    * Hair removal  
      all body areas

    * Vessel removal
      rosacea treatment, spider veins, blood vessels, haemangonia

   * Scar treatments
      body, acne scars, stretch marks

   * Tattoo removal
     all body areas

   * Skin tightening
cheek, neck, upper arm, stomach, thighs, big pores

   * Body forming
weight reduction, tightening, bulbous nose

   * Spots
age and pigment spots, spotted skin

Laser Treatment


Our anti-aging techniques are setting new standards in this field. They actively counteract the aging process in an effective way. Targeted interventions not only improve your external appearance, but also your physical wellbeing.

    * Wrinkle treatment using own stem cells
      Aging is inevitable, but with modern techniques, it is possible to slow down the aging
      process. With us, you have the unique opportunity to visibly rejuvenate your skin,
      improve your appearance and enhance your wellbeing. A small amount of fat is
      harvested from you so that your own tissue can be used for the treatment.

    * Celergen
      Celergen is an advanced therapy – the world’s only living marine cell oral therapy. It
      contributes to extraordinary mental and physical performance, regardless of biological

    * MEGA NFC®
      Thanks to its unique selective ion exchange mechanism, MEGA NFC® is able to bind
      pollutants and heavy metals with varying levels of attraction, depending on the
      selectivity coefficient, and eliminate them. Clinical data has shown that valuable
      minerals are not washed out during the treatment.

Anti-Aging Thermal Spa

We focus all our attention on your beauty. We pamper you with exclusive treatments for the face, hands, feet and body – all tailored to your skin type. After all, the right care is the foundation for a radiant appearance. You benefit from a wide variety of top-quality and nourishing products from world-renowned beauty and skincare brands.

    * Facial treatments
    * Body treatments
    * Apparative cosmetics
    * Hands & Feet
    Additional Treatments & Hair Removal
   Hair Spa

Dermatology and Allergology



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