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Nutrition, Training & Metabolic Optimizing in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland Offers High Quality Treatments

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz CH - 7310, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
Specialty: Detox, Executive Healthcheck, Medical Spa Treatment, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Rehabilitation, Skin Care, Weight Loss Program, Yoga/Meditation
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Nutrition, Training & Metabolic Optimizing

Welcome to Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The Leading Wellbeing and Medical Health Resort in Europe

Equilibrium is key. A balanced diet, regular exercise, healthy sleep habits and a pragmatic approach to stress – this is the way to guarantee health, enhanced performance and greater wellbeing. The relationships between these success factors are constantly evolving. Nutrition affects the quality of our sleep, for example, while regular exercise in turn helps us to cope with stress. Our declared aim is to find the optimal combination for you. A positive and sustainable change in all four areas calls for a holistic treatment approach and an in-depth, interdisciplinary perspective. Unlock new strength with the support of our medical staff, and achieve an all-round feeling of wellbeing in your body. We help you attain your steady state – your very personal state of equilibrium.

Surrounded by tranquillity, space and time, we offer you an exclusive retreat for relaxation and recuperation. At a spectacular location – nestled amidst the foothills of the Alps in Eastern Switzerland. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is centred around a bathing and spa tradition spanning hundreds of years. This tradition forms the basis of the unique combination of our own thermal spring and wellness oasis. Holistic and interdisciplinary medical expertise. Everything that a five-star luxury resort has to offer, including excellent service. As a first-class spa and wellness hotel with its own Medical Health Center, we offer our guests individual paths to and opportunities for relaxation, health maintenance and healing. Our offers are tailored to the individual needs of our guests – whether they are looking for a place to relax and indulge in enjoyable moments, exclusive experiences or a chance to actively improve their health.

Medical Health Coaching

Medical Health Coaching

Health means wellbeing and the ability to overcome internal and external changes in the long term. You can count on our comprehensive support through an individually tailored concept – now and in the future. The basic prerequisite for achieving your ideal level of health and therefore life satisfaction is a condition known as the “steady state”, where your physiological parameters are in balance. A combination of regular exercise, a proper diet and your personal stress management will get you there.

    * Ragazer Detox Programme: You will learn about the toxins, pollutants and
      environmental factors that affect your body and about what you can do
      on your own responsibility.|
Ragazer Weight Loss : You will reduce your body fat, both in absolute (in kg) and relative
      (in %) terms. Under normal conditions, we can always keep our promise of fat

    * Ragazer Anti-Aging Stay Young : You learn about and understand the habits and
      behaviour that could potentially shorten, or extend, your life span.

Nutrition ConceptOur nutritional concept

Gourmet cuisine can be healthy. The key considerations are the acid-base balance and the right calorific values of the basic nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates. We have created our own culinary health brand under the name Cuisine Équilibrée. Executive Chef Renato Wüst collaborates with our doctors and nutritionists to develop healthy five-star dishes made especially for you. You will find a new sense of life filled with energy thanks to the balanced nutrition of Cuisine Équilibrée.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz nutrrition Concept

Cuisine Équilibrée - moderate – sensible – enjoyable

    * Scientifically sound meal plan developed in collaboration with qualified nutritionist HF
      Sonja Ricke
    * Enjoyable and healthy at the same time
    Nutrition with an acid-base balance
    The right calorific values of the basic nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates