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CCSVI-(Chronic-Cerebral-Spinal-Venous-Insufficiency), Neurology medical centers in Lebanon

Regentime is a clinic founded by Nassim Abi Chahine, M.D, a renowned neurosurgeon. Regentime aims at helping patients with incurable diseases have a new hope for their recovery and treatment.

March 2015 all staff where wonderfull and helpfull I got my balance back... Money well spent I used to drive for one hour and get sore back and leg now I can drive for four or more hour's before I get a sore leg I have good days and bad days but I feel that I'm gettinig better My pain in my right leg is gone I only have pain on my inner right knee cap it goes away some of time and comes back. but I ony had the treatment October 2014 at Regentime in Beirut, Lebanon

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