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Stem-Cell-Therapy-for-Tendon-and-Ligament-Tears, Stem-Cell-Therapy medical centers in Poltava, Ukraine

EmCell Clinic is one of the top clinics offering fetal stem cell transplantation for various diseases and conditions including anti-aging treatment.
Thelma Fedrick

I felt very welcome & cared for. The experience was above &beyond my expectations. The staff was very oblidging, courteous and caring. The experience was more thorough & complete than I expected. Particularly the anti aging, and connective tissue treatment with injections of stem cells for 11 other preventive measures. As of today I already feel like I have a new “New Lease on Life” I also have a full report with a complete blood panel to share with my doctors at home. The gift of a Jar of Ukrainian Honey was a nice touch. Thank You! Our driver was very helpful, courteous, and prompt. It was really nice not to have to worry about transportation to and from the airport, hotel and clinic, thank you. The doctor was very knowledgeable and the interpreter was extremely clear and helpful.

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Dr. Royenkos’s Medical Center, located in Poltava, Ukraine, is one of Ukraine’s first licensed stem cell treatment clinics. Read more about the clinic's precise stem cell therapy treatment with updated vision and equipment.
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