Lasik Surgery in Thailand

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LASIK Surgery in Thailand                                                     

LASIK Surgery in Thailand

Do you want to regain your vision? Are you dreaming about seeing things clearly again? LASIK Surgery is the surgical laser technique that solves your problems easy, safe and very fast!

LASIK Surgery is the most popular and used techniques for treating astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. The recovery is rapid and the results are amazing! The procedure is painless and comes together with several benefits:

  • It’s highly efficient. Your vision is corrected – 96% of the patients who have LASKI Surgery enjoy the results they’ve dreamed of.
  • Almost no pain is felt by the patient (thanks to the numbing drops used by the doctors).
  • You’ll see results (your vision will be corrected) immediately after the surgery or the next day afterwards.
  • Patients don’t have to wear stitches or bandages after the procedure.
  • Many patients are no longer wearing glass or contact lenses.
  • If vision changes due to aging, there can be made adjustments after the LASIK Surgery in order to correct vision again.

Thailand is a highly appreciated medical tourism destination thanks to its great medical facilities, flawless medical services, latest equipment used and well trained doctors.

Read below which are the best LASIK Surgery centers in Thailand:

LASIK Surgery Centers in Thailand

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya ? Chonburi (Thailand)

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya – Chonburi (Thailand)

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital ? Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital – Bangkok (Thailand)

LASER VISION International LASIK Center ? Bangkok (Thailand)

LASER VISION International LASIK Center – Bangkok (Thailand)

Cataract Surgery by Phacoemulsification Prices:

Standard IOL: $1,580 per eye

Toric IOL: $2,550 per eye

Multifocal IOL: $2,550 per

Multifocal Toric IOL: $2,870 per eye

Eye Examination: $48

LV Signature FemtoLASIK Bladeless Eye Surgery Prices:

LV Signature Platinum FemtoLASIK: $4367.84 for both eyes

Eye Examination: $47.48

Refractive Lens Exchange RLE Surgery for Astigmatism Prices:

Multifocal IOL: $2,550 per eye

Multifocal Toric IOL: $2,870 per eye

Eye Examination: $48

Vejthani Hospital ? Bangkok (Thailand)

Vejthani Hospital – Bangkok (Thailand)

Cataract Surgery Prices:

Monofocal lens: $1,535 /eye

Multifocal lens: $2,488/eye


Your LASIK Surgery options are multiple! We are here to provide you with all the information you need! Get in touch with us, find out more and customize your choices!

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