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In 2005, Cheng Kai established the first clinical base of “Chengs Acupuncture”——"Beijing Dacheng TCM clinic", which covered an area of 500 m2 and was the flagship store. It was famous for treating children’s amblyopia in Beijing. Because of the great demand of patients and the limited clinic space, the clinic relocated and expanded and became the only private acupuncture specialist hospital——"Beijing Dacheng TCM Acupuncture Hospital" in Beijing in 2010, which Covered an area of nearly 4000 m2.

Chengs TCM co., LTD is a leading organization to conduct acupuncture research, teaching and training in Beijing, China. Cheng’s acupuncture focuses on the unique three-point acupuncture method based on "Tianrendi". The technique has remained highly helpful for dozens of ailments and it is a vital branch of modern acupuncture. Cheng’s acupuncture aims to offer a better quality of live with the modern techniques of Chinese acupuncture at an affordable cost.

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  • Healthcare
  • All round Training
  • Eye protection plan
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