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Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Dentistry, Gynecology Treatment, Hair Transplantation, Heart Care/Surgery, Stem Cell Therapy,
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Thera Praxisklinik Profile Overview

Integrative Medicine with Modern Naturopathy at Thera Praxisklinik, Berlin, Germany

Integrative Medicine with Modern Naturopathy at Thera Praxisklinik, Berlin, Germany

Thera Praxisklinik, located in Berlin, Germany offers integrative medicine, i.e., a combination of scientific medicine with modern naturopathy to not only treats the symptoms of the diseases, but also its causes.

The clinic aims to cure diseases through a cause-related therapy and to provide protection to its patients from getting sick again.

Thera Praxisklinik follows an integrative concept of scientifically sound conventional medical and holistic diagnostics and therapy used with state-of-the-art technology and offers the patient in an empathetic approach as a partner.

The active cooperation in the team-members jointly solves complex problems for the patients. The physicians and therapists at Thera are all specialized in different fields of holistic healing that adds the best value to the treatment they offer. The medical facilities and therapists work together to provide patients with optimal treatment in a meaningful way.

The scientific and holistic laboratories are there to offer patients with precise laboratory diagnostics at the highest level. The center has naturopathic associations to create a therapeutic exchange of experience that benefits the patients.

Treatments and Procedures



  • One to two-hour recording interview
  • Whole-body examination
  • Laboratory studies including vitamin status, mitochondrial status, hormone status and neurohormone status
  • Test for hidden food intolerances (e.g. Pro Immun M)
  • Allergy test
  • Darkfield microscopy
  • Global Diagnostics
  • Kinesiological investigations (e.g. Klinghardt)
  • Immune system check
  • Intestinal function
  • Acid-base test (e.g. after Sander)
  • HRV (heart rate variability)

Environmental Medicine

  • Test for heavy metal contamination
  • Diagnostics on other pollutants of the body (e.g. solvents)
  • Eluate analysis (after apheresis)
  • Gene diagnostics (among other things as a possible cause of a detoxification disorder)
  • Test for aerotoxic syndrome (frequent flyer)
  • Building biology examination at home or at work

Internal / General Medicine

  • Lung function test
  • ECG (Exercise ECG and Holter)
  • Long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Ultrasonic (Vascular Doppler of the brain supplying vessels, Ultrasound of the heart, thyroid gland and abdominal organs including the prostate)
  • Infectious
  • Lyme disease test

Check-Up Examinations

  • Health check-up
  • Cardiological check-up (stress ECG, cardiac ultrasound, vascular Doppler of the cervical vessels, measurement of oxygen saturation)
  • Diabetes check
  • Genetics check (risk factors)

Gynecological Check-Up

  • Breast ultrasound
  • Hormonal status


  • Disturbance field
  • Expert opinion
  • 2D or 3D OPG with evaluation


  • Therapeutic apheresis
  • Fresh cell therapy total extract
  • Laser therapy
  • Special therapy procedures
  • Biological tumor treatment
  • Cell Symbiosis Therapy
  • Chelation therapy / heavy metal leakage
  • Infusion therapy

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