Top 10 Liver Cancer Clinics in Germany for 2024

List of Affordable & Best Liver Cancer Clinics in Germany

Radiology Munich International GmbH
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Munich,  Germany

Radiology Munich International GmbH


Since 1980 a leading group of 15 clinics in Munich, Germany, specialised on radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and oncology.

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Frankfurt,  Germany

Alternative Cancer Therapies by Center for Advanced Medicine

Alternative Cancer Therapies by Center for Advanced Medicine in Frankfurt, Germany uses holistic treatment as additive therapy for conventional cancer treatments.

Frankfurt,  Germany

Anova IRM Stem Cell Center

Anova IRM Stem Cell Center is a part of the internationally renowned Prof. Stehlings private research institute and clinic and has been at the forefront of European research into stem cell extraction and its application on various medical conditions.

Frankfurt,  Germany

Center for Advanced Medicine

Center for Advanced Medicine is the perfect combination of holistic and alternative medicine. Moreover, they are famous for successful cancer treatment.

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Munich,  Germany

Kliniken Allianz Munchen | Munich Clinics Alliance

Munich Clinics Alliance is formed of twelve prestigious clinics in southern Bavaria, to facilitate care in these centers and provide better service, suitable for the needs of our foreign patients. Everything from Cancer Treatment, Chronic Diseases, Heart Care and Laparoscopic Obesity surgeries and more are available at the highest quality in Munich, Germany.

Oberaudorf,  Germany

Kliniken Allianz Oncology Center

Bad Trissl Medical Centre was founded in 1968 by Senator Hans-Hermann Rösner-Mautby, as the first after-care clinic in Germany. From its very beginnings, the centre has been closely connected with the cancer research centre of Heidelberg. In 1999, Senator Rösner's son, Peter, took control of the centre and completely modernized all buildings and also founded the independent Department of Rehabilitation, which includes an indoor pool and a centre for medical sports therapy.

Brannenburg,  Germany

Marinus am Stein Holistic Cancer Therapy Clinic

Marinus am Stein is a private clinic located in Brannenburg, Germany, which uses holistic therapies for cancer. By using acupuncture, neural therapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapeutic applications, autogenic training, detoxification and purification therapies the growth of the malignant tissues is stopped.

Frankfurt,  Germany

Prostate Cancer Center

Prostate Cancer Center is the best medical center for the Prostate Treatments and Diagnosis in Europe. Best treatment for prostate cancer using most efficient technologies such as nanoknife, MRI and 3D Biopsy. Find and compare your treatment options here.

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Bad Worishofen,  Germany

Sanomni Health

Sanomni Health is renowned medical center located in the beautiful and relaxing spa town of Bad Wörishofen, Germany.

Hamburg,  Germany

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

The University Medical Center is the largest hospital in Northern Germany. Almost all illnesses are treated in the 80 clinics and institutes of the center. Apart from medical care, the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf also carries out medical science research and is a teaching hospital, where physicians and other health care professionals are trained. Many doctors, scientists and students visit and work in our clinics and laboratories as guests.