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Oporto Health Holiday

Porto, Portugal
Porto, Portugal

Located in Porto, Portugal, Oporto Health Holiday focuses on offering international and local patients customized, affordable, and high-quality healthcare and wellness treatments, performed in worldwide-renowned, certified hospitals and clinics and combining them with top-notch tourism services.


PlacidWay Portugal Medical Tourism

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

PlacidWay Portugal Medical Tourism focuses on being Portugal's number one medical tourism provider, offering its international customers a one-stop solution when it comes to top-notch medical treatment at pocket-friendly prices.

Dr. Jorge Manuel Ruivo

Lisbon, Portugal
The nightmare of all sportsmen and sportswomen are sport injuries which usually include lot of pain and disability. In these situations, it is necessary to properly treat the injuries, so you can train again. Dr. Jorge Manuel Ruivo, located in Lisbon, Portugal is a Sports Medicine medical center that offers reliable therapy for different sport injuries, such as: diagnosis and treatment of different sport injuries, prevention, rehabilitation, physical therapy, massage and many more

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