Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool, United Kingdom


About Us

  • One of the largest specialist hospitals in the UK, providing heart and chest services for UK and International patients.
  • We are renowned for our high quality services and  we have an undisputed International reputation for innovation and clinical excellence.
  • Rated number one in the UK for the 5th year running for overall patient care.
  • Our results are among the very best in the UK because of our focus, pioneering research and experience.

What We Do?


  • 2,700 PCIs including 800 Primary PCIs
  • 1,300 Pacemakers and ICD (highest number in the UK)
  • 1,200 Electro-Physiology (EP) Ablations

Heart Surgery

  • 1,100 Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts (CABG)
  • 700 Heart Valve Replacements
  • 150 Aortic Aneurysm Operations (highest number in the UK)

Thoracic Surgery

  • 1,300 Thoracic Operations

Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery

  • 150  Upper GI Operations (including 60 complex operations)

Why Choose Us?
Because of our reputation for patient safety

  • The importance we place on patient and staff safety has been recognised through
  • external, independent validation.

Because of our reputation for quality results we are top performing for:  

  • The treatment of Heart Failure and Heart Attacks
  • Bypass operations – CABG
  • Lung Cancer Services
  • Aortic Surgery
  • Upper Gastrointestinal Procedures

Because of our environment

  • We are rated as excellent for cleanliness, infection control and food.

Because of our reputation for patient satisfaction

  • For the 5th year running we have been recognised as the top performing hospital in the
  • UK for ‘Overall Patient Care’ in the National Inpatient Survey.

Our Specialities

  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP)
  • Cardiac Devices Pacing
  • CABG
  • Valve replacement Surgery
  • Aortic Aneurysm Surgery
  • Upper GI Surgery

Maple Suite

  • All rooms are single side rooms with new en-suite bathrooms
  • We provide a TV and phone in every room
  • We provide free Wi-Fi to patients and visitors
  • Our Chef works from 7am to 6pm
  • We offer meals for families and visitors
  • We offer newspapers and magazines
  • We offer family accommodation


Cancer Treatment

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United Kingdom

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Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Thomas Drive
L14 3PE

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital became a NHS Foundation Trust in December 2009. This means we have more choice and flexibility to make decisions about the current and future services we provide to meet the needs of our patients.
Our Vision

"To be the premier integrated cardiothoracic healthcare organisation in the country"  

Our Mission

“Excellent, Compassionate and Safe care for every patient, every day”

This describes how we care for and treat our patients and their families.

We are delighted that our hospital has again achieved the highest score in the country for "overall patient care" in the 2010 Care Quality Commission's National Inpatient Survey – this is the 5th year in a row we have recieved this recognition. It directly illustrates our mission and vision of patient care as it is LHCH patients scoring this survey.

The Trust also received the highest scores in the country for the following area

  • cleanliness of the hospital room or ward
  • doctors washing or cleaning their hands between touching patients
  • nurses washing or cleaning their hands between touching patients
  • doctors and nurses working well together
  • staff answering questions about the operation or procedure
  • nursing staff not talking in front of patients as if they weren't there
  • patients did not feel threatened whilst in hospital by other patients or visitors
  • patients not wanting to complain about the care they received



Our Services
We are very proud to offer world class heart and chest services not just to residents of Liverpool, but all of Mersyside along with parts of Lancashire, Cheshire, North Wales and the Isle of Man. Each year we conduct 55,000 outpatient appointments and perform 12,000 inpatient procedures and the Trust has recently moved into community based services, offering diagnostic clinics and tests to patients in their local GP practice or Community Health Centre. At the forefront of all services is out commitment to Excellent, Compassionate and Safe care, for every patient, every day.

  1. Aortic Surgery: Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is one of the busiest aortic surgery hospitals in the UK, performing 150 Aortic procedures per year. 
  2. Cardiology: Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital’s Cardiology Service is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of all heart diseases.
  3. Community Services: Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is one of the first hospitals  in the country to take its expertise out into the local communities that it serves.
  4. Outpatient Services: We have a State of the art procedure and treatments for OPD
  5. Heart Surgery: Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is the largest stand alone cardiac unit in the country and offers a great width of expertise and specialist skills in heart surgery for our patients. 
  6. Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery: Our hospital has an extensive experience in the treatment of upper gastrointestinal diseases, which refers to the treatment of patients suffering from diseases of the oesophagus (gullet) and stomach.
  7. Respiratory Medicine: Liverpool Heart and Chest's Respiratory Medicine department provides a comprehensive service for patients with lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, adult cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis , interstitial lung disease and the diagnosis of sleep related respiratory disorders. 
  8. Thoracic Surgery: We have one of the largest and busiest lung surgical units in the country.   We provide a complete tertiary service to the surrounding region with respect to all types of lung surgery, with the exception of transplantation. 



  • Dr Clare Appleby
  • Dr Dhiraj Gupta
  • Dr Mark Hall
  • Dr Joe Mills

Heart Surgery

  • Mr Darryl Chung
  • Mr Mark Field
  • Mr Manoj Kuduvalli
  • Mr Paul Modi

Aortic Surgery

  • Mr Aung Oo
  • Mr Manoj Kuduvalli
  • Mr Mark Field
  • Dr Michael Desmond

Thoracic Surgery

  • Mr Richard Page
  • Mr Michael Poullis
  • Mr Michael Shackcloth
  • Mr Steven Woolley

Upper GI Surgery

  • Mr Richard Page
  • Mr Michael Shackcloth

Respiratory Medicine

  • Professor Peter Davies
  • Dr James Greenwood
  • Dr Sarah Haines
  • Dr Charles Hind

Radiology and Imaging

  • Dr John Holemans
  • Dr Klaus Irion
  • Dr Caroline McCann

Anaesthesia and Post-Op Pain Management

  • Dr Michael Desmond
  • Dr Keith Mills
  • Dr Glenn Russell
  • Dr Nigel Scawn

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