Real Reviews of Stem Cell Therapy Patients in Frankfurt, Germany at German International Clinic

Real Reviews of Stem Cell Therapy Patients in Frankfurt, Germany at German International Clinic

Reviews Gerhard Siebenhüner, Vilbeler Landstrasse 45b
Price range:: $1761 to $18700
Focus Area: Center for Advanced Medicine | Frankfurt | Germany | Holistic and Traditional Medicine | Cancer Treatment | Chronic Diseases

About Center for Advanced Medicine

Center for Advanced Medicine is the perfect combination of holistic and alternative medicine. Moreover, they are famous for successful cancer treatment.

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Regenerative Medicine Reviews at German International Clinic

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    There were more sessions than we were told at first. In general, we are satisfied with the result and the service. Qualified doctors and staff.

    Google Dec 31 2021
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    Thank you for saving my life.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer which spread to the lymph nodes and bones. After going through the treatment here (no side effects, no hair loss etc.) I am absolutely healthy.

    All the stuff treated me very well, nothing was a problem. Doctor Siebenhuner is very experienced and also such a positive person so that I had never any doubts about overcoming the illness. All the nurses are very friendly and are able to support you when you are scared. Special thanks to Martina and Carolina!! I cant imagine going through all this without you. Thank you.

    Google Jul 31 2022
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    The clinic treated my grandmother for a serious illness. Everthing is well organized, professional approach, care and understanding. Grandma was in good hands. You help us a lot! Thank you veru mush!

    Google Aug 02 2022
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    My father was treated at the clinic, they did not regret that they gave preference to you. Organization of the process from and to at a high level! Competent, qualified and attentive staff. Now all the worst is behind, and this is your merit!

    Google Aug 05 2022
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    Thank you for everything you have done for us. We will always remember you fondly. Friendly and caring staff, the best doctor and clinic. We sincerely wish you all the very best!

    Google Aug 26 2022
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    I have been a patient with Dr. Siebenhüner and specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2020. I chose hyperthermia therapy in combination with infusions from biological anti tumor treatments. For decades I have known and admired Dr. Siebenhüner therapeutic approaches in the form of biological cancer therapy and alternative cancer treatment. At the moment I am fine and I can continue my life without restrictions. I was always treated competently and friendly by the entire team. Above all, it is worth mentioning that the employees have mastered the various forms of therapy. The overall concept of the day clinic is optimally geared to the best for both seriously ill and fully treated patients.

    Google Nov 15 2021
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    Be seen. As a human. As a patient. Get a vote. In vague questions of your own, in fears. And then of course: being shown a seemingly endless field of possible solutions. In this practice you can not only receive effective and powerful applications and infusions, groundbreaking therapies, but the essentials that underlie everything: gain trust. In your own life. Dr. Siebenhüner and his wonderfully appreciative team manage to effectively nourish vitality and courage - in my opinion and in my experience within two fantastic years THE breeding ground for healing. I feel that I am being taken seriously and treated at the highest level (and my own results speak for themselves!, Especially BECAUSE Scheme F is a foreign concept here. Especially BECAUSE there are also points where the expected no longer applies and where rethinking is necessary. On the one hand, I feel that I am creatively involved in my healing process, and at the same time looked after by specialists who do their work with the greatest dedication, including Dr. Siebenhuner himself: not a strange phenomenon that he does not want to unravel in order to find a way through the labyrinth of diseases often, as in my case, cancer. Thank you for this gift it allows me to have a new, deeper, more relaxed, fear free view of my life! And thank you for the freedom that I can experience again through a body that is healthy through exclusively these methods.

    Google Dec 28 2021
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    I feel very comfortable and am treated and cared for very well. The infusions, whether vitamin C or glutathione, help me and I have complete confidence in Dr. Siebenhüner and his team and that, although I am a very critical and suspicious person by nature. Eternal life is not promised and you are not persuaded to seek treatment. You are shown treatment options and decide for yourself which way you want to go. THANK YOU..

    Google Jan 11 2022
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    My grandmother has become much less pain after a treatment. The staff is very nice.

    Google Feb 05 2022
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    It truly is a once in a lifetime experience. All of the medicines provided by the clinic have enormous potential and will likely be the cancer treatments of the future. Unfortunately, health insurance companies only pay a portion of the costs, and the patient is responsible for the remaining portion of the expenditures. It is likely to alter in the near future since only such approaches have an effect, rather than merely the adverse effects that traditional chemotherapy has to give. In order to improve the chances of recovery for more patients, additional similar clinics should be established throughout Germany, not just in Frankfurt am Main.

    Google Aug 31 2021
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    Ibrahim B

    So horrible. Could not get the right information

    Sep 17 2021
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    Jim R

    Excellent very helpful prompt feed back to my questions. All incidentals I am assured are taken care of with apparently no surprises to hidden costs or false expectations of a cure all. Cutting edge technology in the field of modern advanced medicinal procedures will reverse some of the affects of long term type 1 diabetes and greatly enhance better care and control of my diabetes. Still hoping that one day stem cell research will provide a cure.
    Jim Rollo

    Sep 04 2020
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    Tahmour A

    I heard about facilities and professions from Dr. Siegfried block. Very cooperative and sensitive. Their presentation is cardinal and worthy.

    Nov 13 2018