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Shemer Medical Center

Haifa, Israel

Wingate Street

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Shemer Medical Center - Medical Tourism in Israel

Welcome to Shemer Medical Center!

Haifa, Israel

Top Medical Tourism in Israel for more than 20 years!

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Shemer Medical Centerhas almost 3 decades of experience in offering worldwide patients high quality healthcare.

Medical tourists coming from all over the world benefit from personalized treatments and procedures, created for each patient's needs.

All procedures at Shemer Medical Center are performed by highly trained physicians, with latest technological equipment.

Shemer Medical Center Doctors Latest technological equipment

Shemer Medical Center is among the world leaders in the science of medicine and the high quality of medical care.

Out patient is our main priority, therefore we have no waiting lists and we provide a personal medical associate, fluent in the patient's mother tongue.

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What makes us different?

Shemer Medical Center offers Telehealth Video Conferencing so that patients and doctors all over the world could have the possibility to participate in virtual meetings with our specialists and physicians.

We discuss the patient's condition and we develop the best personalized treatment plan. All conferences are in the patient's mother tongue.

Video conferencing is not only useful to create adequate treatment plans, but also to offer the patient follow up consultations and keep up to date concerned family members who were not able to accompany the patient.

Shemer Medical Center in Haifa, Israel - Telehealth Video Conferencing

Another service which makes us unique is the International Air Ambulance Service.

Patients all over the world have access to modern medical transport, highly experienced medical staff and pilots and aircrafts fitted with top notch medical equipment.

Patients that need emergency treatment and transport can take advantage of our 24/7emergency and non-emergency services.

Shemer Medical Center, International Air Ambulance Service

Shemer Medical Center also flies its skilled physicians from Israel to the patient's country, for consultation and treatment.

Severely ill patients from all over the world will benefit from life-saving treatments in their own country from Israel's best physicians.

If the doctor considers that the patient needs to be transferred to a superior medical facility in Israel, we can arrange the trip in the shortest time possible.

Shemer Medical Center Always for patient needs

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Treatments we offer


Cosmetic Surgery

Dead Sea Treatments







Pediatric Hemato-Oncology

Pediatric Plastic Surgery





Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Ear Nose Throat

Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric Rehabilitation



Sports medicine

Chest surgery


Gynecology & Obstetrics



Orthopedic Oncology

Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric Orthopedics



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Why Choose Shemer for Medical Tourism?

  • No waiting lists, immediate access to treatments and procedures

  • Medical standards in Israel are among the highest in the world

  • Local and international renowned specialists and physicians

  • Affordable prices for all patients no matter where they come from

  • Medical associates fluent in any language

  • Video conferencing for patients

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Israel supports a modernized medical industry that is nearly equivalent to those in Europe and the United States. Medical tourists from all over world choose Israel for its various treatments and procedures offered, affordable prices, multi-lingual medical staff and worldwide renowned physicians.

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