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Obesity Bariatric Surgery medical centers in Izmit, Turkey

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Hasan Erdem Obesity Clinic (Dr HE Obesity Clinic) in İstanbul, Turkey focuses on specialized obesity and bariatric surgeries. The clinic provides top-quality procedures like gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries at affordable prices.
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Medicana Health Group is among the pioneers of private hospital business in Turkey and it sustains the progression of future healthcare services through a growth strategy aiming to involve all regions of Turkey and constant investment in the health sector.

Costs of Obesity Bariatric Surgery procedures in Turkey



Bariatric Surgery in ANTALYA, Turkey$4500 - $5500Enquire
Bariatric Surgery in Antalya Province, Turkey$3543 - $7973Enquire
Bariatric Surgery in Bursa Province, Turkey$2446 - $9110Enquire
Bariatric Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey$101 - $25000Enquire
Bariatric Surgery in Istanbul Province, Turkey$3829 - $9056Enquire
Sleeve Gastrectomy in Izmir, Turkey$2950 - $6900Enquire
Bariatric Surgery in Izmir Province, Turkey$2706 - $13262Enquire
Bariatric Surgery in Mersin Province, Turkey$3425 - $12331Enquire
Gastroplasty in Muratpa?a, Turkey$3525Enquire
Gastric Bypass in Tekirdag Province, Turkey$3809 - $21533Enquire
ClinicHub is a leader in providing affordable and high quality medical services performed by highly skilled and experienced medical professional. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, they offer a wide variety of services, including plastic and cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, dental services, weight loss surgery and eye surgery.
Guven Hospital, located in Ankara, Turkey, is one of the first private hospitals in the country. It was founded in 1974 and it has been constructed using the smart building technology, with modern infrastructure. The hospital has 12 OP theaters fitted with laminar flow and heap filter systems. All the patients coming here benefit from high quality procedures performed with top notch medical equipm

Best Dentists In Turkey

  • Turkey is more than a touristic destination. Today has more to offer the visitor – the wonderful opportunity to receive cosmetic dental treatment done at some of the best dental clinics in the world. Turkey is nowadays the Mecca for cosmetic dental treatment, owing to the world renowned expertise offered by the most experienced Turkish dentists, as well as state of the art of facilities, affordability and convenience they offer.
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Lycia Health, located in Antalya, Turkey provides safe and affordable obesity bariatric surgery. Check attractive obesity surgery packages under the supervision of certified surgeons here.
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