Affordable Orthopedic Knee Surgery Packages in Milan, Italy

Low-Cost and All-Inclusive Orthopedic Knee Surgery Vacation Packages in Milan, Italy

Istituto Auxologico Italiano Knee Surgery Treatment Plan includes: Treatment scheduling depending on the patients’ needs without problems. Preliminary examination (such as blood exams, anesthesiologist’s examination, and ECG) will be performed the day before surgery. The hospitalization period for the knee replacement will be at the maximum of 7 days.
The hip replacement is a surgical procedure where the damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial one. Once it is replaced, the patient is able to resume his/her normal daily activities with complete satisfaction and relief. The main goal of this surgery is to drastically increase the patient's mobility, improve hip joint function and relieve pain.
Get the best Micro Neurosurgical Herniectomy (Lumbar And Cervical) And Fusion Techinques For Lumbar Degenerative Pathologies (Stenosis, Spondilolisthesis) in San Benedetto Del Tronto, Italy
A Meniscal Arthroscopic Surgery is a surgical procedure performed in an outpatient basis to repair torn knee cartilage.Villa Donatello has a Meniscal Arthroscopic Surgery Package that costs € 4.000 – € 4.500  or (USD $4,527 – $5,092) and includes: Specialist visit Preoperative examinations Surgical intervention 1 night of hospitalization Villa Donatello

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Injuries that occur especially during sports can be severe, requiring surgery or repair that’s why an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction is done to recover the function of the knee and improve stability.  Villa Donatello has an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Package that costs €9.000 – 10.000 or (USD $10,199 - $11,321) which includes:  A specialist visit
Go for affordable treatment packages for Micro Neurosurgical Herniectomy (Lumbar And Cervical) And Fusion Techniques For Lumbar Degenerative Pathologies (Stenosis, Spondilolisthesis) in San Benedetto Del Tronto, Italy.

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Hip Replacement Surgery in Turkey offers a cost-effective and high-quality solution for individuals with severe hip joint conditions. Group Florence, with skilled surgeons, modern facilities, and favorable travel accessibility, Turkey has become a popular destination for medical tourists. The procedure involves replacing the damaged hip joint with an artificial one, providing pain relief and impr
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Particularly in the lower back and legs, a herniated disc can cause excruciating pain, numbness, or weakness. TURAN TURAN has begun a new era by providing closed lumbar hernia surgery (Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery) for the lumbar, thoracic, and spinal areas. The price of the treatment is $7000 The price includes, • Consultation • Pre-op Blood Tests • Pre-op ECG • Pre-op
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