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Ede, Netherlands
NedSpine, the spine surgery specialist. NedSpine is an independent clinic for patients with back problems, in particular those with conditions such as spinal disc herniation, cervical disc herniation, spinalstenosis and spondylolisthesis. NedSpine specializes in the operative treatment of these conditions, valuing a fast, professional approach. The clinic is located in the municipality of Ede. Specialist Medical Care Centre ?NedSpine is a registered Specialist Medical Care Centre (Instelling voor Medisch Specialistische Zorg, IMSZ in Dutch). This means that our clinic is an officially certified medical institution, recognized by all Dutch care providers. Treatmentcoverage NedSpine treatments (AGB code 22-220276) are fully reimbursed by most Dutch health insurers. Foreigners and people without Dutch health insurance please contact our office. IndependentClinics the Netherlands (ZKN) accreditation NedSpine is accredited by Independent Clinics the Netherlands (Zelfstandige KliniekenNederland, ZKN). The ZKN-accreditation is a guarantee for the quality of medical care.
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