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  • Anonymous
    (5 out of 5)

    We are the best paradigm to be copied. My little boy is called Thanasis;
    however I remember you when I sometimes call him Thanos. I was hopeless
    when I came to you after having HAD 9 attempts with IVF.


  • Stephanie W
    (1 out of 5) Big Bear, United States

    AWFUL EXPERIENCE at this clinic. Before coming to Greece for IVF treatment (because the costs are so much better than in the US), I had done a round of IVF in the US and another round in the UK. So this wasn't my first rodeo. At the first video call I was assigned a coordinator named Konstantinos for all my treatments with this clinic. For the first few times he appeared very responsive and attentive, and with that meeting, along with seeing positive reviews, we decided to move forward. As time went along in my preparation and tests conducted in the US, my ability to get timely responses from him got harder and harder. He assured me he was available to me at any time, and although I'm not expecting responses even within 24 hrs, knowing our time difference, I do expect some kind of response to questions in a few days with something as time sensitive as IVF--even if that response is just to say "I hear you, let me get back to you as soon as I can." In the weeks leading up to my flying out to Greece I would have to follow up multiple times on the same questions, and sometimes it could take up to a week to just be acknowledged. I nearly cancelled my trip but decided to move forward still.

    When I got to Athens are started my fresh cycle, I found a clinic that was packed with people in the waiting room--upwards of 20-25 patients waiting to see the ONE DOCTOR in the clinic, Dr. Parachos. I would often make an appointment only to wait 1.5 up to 2 hrs for some visits, only to get less than 30 seconds with the Dr himself. He performed my ultrasounds so fast, without saying anything to me about what he was seeing, that one time I even timed it on my phone...31 seconds from the time he walked in the room to when he told me to get dressed. I felt very much like a number and in the McDonald's drive thru of IVF clinics.

    During my cycle they NEVER drew my blood to check my hormone levels. And never measured the follicles. Eventually I took matters into my own hands and insisted they do a blood draw and tell my how my follicles were progressing, which they finally did once to appease me. I found myself in tears multiple times at this clinic.

    When they did the egg collection, they provided no information on vital information in the following days like, how many eggs fertilized, how many made it to Day 3? Day 5? These updates were commonplace at the other clinics I used. I was BEGGING for information from my coordinator who would ignore me.

    After the transfer, I asked to see the embryology report so I could know the grade of my 2 surviving blastocysts and what exactly happened with all my eggs. Both Dr. Parachos & Konstantinos assured me they would give me that information that afternoon. They told me the embryologist would be "right in to see me" to explain. After waiting 2 hrs I finally gave up waiting, however Konstatinos assured me that the report and a copy of my medical records would "be in my email tomorrow morning." That was July 5. After a few days I asked again for my records. He assured me they were coming. Another week. Asked again. Nothing. Fast foward to 3 MONTHS AND ONE LAWYER LATER, I finally received the one page copy of the embryo report and 2 page copy of my IVF protocol and medications. I made more than 7 requests over email and What's App and was just flat lied to multiple times. I wrote a formal letter requesting my records. They ignored me. I finally hired a lawyer and once she stepped in they started sending the records...one page at a time. It took the lawyer about 5-6 calls to finally get them to send these whopping 4 pages of my record. I just now got them, and am sharing this nightmare scenario working with this clinic.

    They talk a big game, but unless you want to be ignored, lied to, and have the fastest wham, bam, thank you ma'am style treatment, run far away from EmBIO clinic.


  • JB
    (5 out of 5) UK

    I searched around online and there were a few options, we chose Embio because the main guy Dr Paraschos seems to be one of the leading doctors in ivf treatment, we contacted them and discussed the treatment & process over phone & email, they were very helpful and happy to answer all my many many questions!

    It was a big step and we were quite nervous about doing it abroad.
    They gave me details of tests I should have here in England, so I was able to start the process here and then go to Greece for the embryo transfer!

    The clinic was really impressive so I was pleasantly surprised and instantly felt at ease. It was a busy clinic and they obviously know what they are doing.

    They were very relaxed and reassuring, and they made me feel confident that we would be lucky.

    We had the transfer the day of our arrival, and were able to spend the rest of the holiday resting. We stayed at a place called Dekelia Hotel which was a little out of Athens center but very peaceful with a great pool.

    I'm due in January and its all thanks to Dr Paraschos and his staff.


  • Danny
    (5 out of 5) UK

    I was pleasantly surprised when we reached the Embio clinic in Greece and I saw how impressive the facility was! We had found them online and after a number of conversations with them we went ahead and made arrangements for the egg donor treatment, my partner is over 50 and this would have been difficult in the UK.
    We were given a tour of the building and the facility is very high spec & clean.
    The treatment was all smooth and the staff were very friendly, the clinic was very busy and it was clear to me that they knew what they were doing.
    We had the treatment and were able to rest at the pool of the hotel for the remainder of our week. Unfortunately the first attempt was unsuccessful so we tried for a second and final time, we're now excitedly awaiting triplets and are so happy and thankful to Dr Paraschos, Sotiria and all the other staff for all their help. I would highly recommend Embio.


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