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emBIO Medical Centre reviews for Fertility Treatment in Athens, Greece

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  • Maria S
    (1 out of 5) Birmingham, England, 30th March,2017

    My experience of this clinic was extremely disappointing and I would advise anyone against using them. The cost of my treatment was charged way in excess of costs advertised on website. Although the clinic state they are ISO accredited they will not provide me with details of the company they are registered under and therefore I am not able to escalate my concerns/complaint further. I found that they have inadequate treatment protocols in place to optimise chances of a successful outcome.


  • Maria S
    (1 out of 5) Birmingham, UK, 22nd March,2017

    I experienced an extremely poor experience at Embio Clinic where I received an embryo transfer using egg donation. In the first instance I was charged excessively over the advertised rates in the region of 3 - 3,500 Euros. And, as the treatment failed, I was not able to afford a second attempt. I was also charged 500 Euros for the sperm donor treatment even though, due to the clinic’s inadequate sperm donor programme, I used an outside sperm donor bank at the further cost of 1,200 Euros. Secondly, the treatment lacked any individual patient care or sufficient protocol: My embryo transfer, which was advised to be painless, was excruciating. So much so that my legs shot out of the stirrup rests. This extent of pain would very likely have caused my uterus to contract and hence make implantation of embryos and pregnancy impossible. To avoid this problem other clinics carry out a `mock transfer’ prior to the `actual transfer’ whereby the angle of the uterine canal as well as any obstructions caused by fibroids is assessed. Hence the doctor knows which technique to use, including type of catheter, in carrying out the procedure. The clinic failed to carry out a progesterone level test; this hormone is essential for implantation and could have been supplemented if it had been too low. And, even when I informed the clinic that, unknowingly, I had taken too low a dose of progesterone, I was not prescribed a supplement. I was not advised of the quality of the embryos transferred. Also, I was very shocked and disappointed that there were no viable embryos to freeze despite having used a young, healthy egg donor as selected by the clinic, that should have produced many high quality embryos. This outcome again seriously affected my opportunity of having a second attempt. The clinic was not adequately resourced as, on the day of my transfer, it was exceptionally overstretched with back to back procedures being carried out. Hence, there was very little time allowed for me to speak to the doctor and I received inadequate advice or information on my treatment overall. The small waiting/recovery room was packed out, with there not being enough beds for all of the patients – some having to wait in a side room or sit on stools. Many of these patients appeared to be egg donors. My experience felt more like being in a `cattle market’ serving the interests of the clinic only and its financial gain. Although I have contacted the clinic with my complaints they have not replied. Hence I feel very let down. The experience of IVF is an emotional and physical rollercoaster. It’s important for patients to choose a clinic with a caring and professional approach and, in my experience, this was definitely not the case.


  • JB
    (5 out of 5) UK, 18th December,2014

    I searched around online and there were a few options, we chose Embio because the main guy Dr Paraschos seems to be one of the leading doctors in ivf treatment, we contacted them and discussed the treatment & process over phone & email, they were very helpful and happy to answer all my many many questions! It was a big step and we were quite nervous about doing it abroad. They gave me details of tests I should have here in England, so I was able to start the process here and then go to Greece for the embryo transfer! The clinic was really impressive so I was pleasantly surprised and instantly felt at ease. It was a busy clinic and they obviously know what they are doing. They were very relaxed and reassuring, and they made me feel confident that we would be lucky. We had the transfer the day of our arrival, and were able to spend the rest of the holiday resting. We stayed at a place called Dekelia Hotel which was a little out of Athens center but very peaceful with a great pool. I'm due in January and its all thanks to Dr Paraschos and his staff.


  • Danny
    (5 out of 5) UK, 10th November,2014

    I was pleasantly surprised when we reached the Embio clinic in Greece and I saw how impressive the facility was! We had found them online and after a number of conversations with them we went ahead and made arrangements for the egg donor treatment, my partner is over 50 and this would have been difficult in the UK. We were given a tour of the building and the facility is very high spec & clean. The treatment was all smooth and the staff were very friendly, the clinic was very busy and it was clear to me that they knew what they were doing. We had the treatment and were able to rest at the pool of the hotel for the remainder of our week. Unfortunately the first attempt was unsuccessful so we tried for a second and final time, we're now excitedly awaiting triplets and are so happy and thankful to Dr Paraschos, Sotiria and all the other staff for all their help. I would highly recommend Embio.


  • Maria
    (1 out of 5) Birmingham West Midlands, 30th November,-0001

    Unsatisfactory Level of Care and High Costs I received IVF treatment at this clinic with an egg donor programme which failed. Overall, I was highly dissatisfied with the level of professionalism and care provided. Unlike other clinics, Embio does not carry out `mock transfers' believed by many specialists to significantly increase pregnancy rates. My experience involved a highly painful procedure which was likely to cause considerable uterus trauma. The clinic also does not check patients' progesterone levels crucial for implantation. Also, despite using a young egg donor, only three eggs were fertilised to embryo stage, with no viable embryos to freeze and use for a further attempt. There was no consultation provided either, as provided by most clinics, of the quality or grading of the embryos. transferred. There was a huge amount of patients being treated at the same time which meant that the waiting/recovery room was filled to capacity. This did not reflect the significance of the treatment received and the expense; it felt more like a `cattle market’ than a private healthcare clinic. Finally, the cost of treatment at this clinic is approximately double the standard costs charged by the majority of clinics outside of the UK.


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