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Florence, Italy

Viale Fratelli Rosselli 62

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Prosperius Institute Italy Florence Rehabilitation Center

Welcome to Istituto Prosperius!


Istituto Prosperius is an advanced diagnostic and treatment center focusing on rehabilitation for neurological, orthopedic, and sports medicine injuries and conditions. The Istituto comprises two fully equipped clinics in the Tuscany and Umbria regions of Italy.

Istituto Prosperius was founded in 1973 as a multi-specialty medical practice offering diagnostics, rehabilitation, and medical-scientific research.

Later, Prosperius expanded its services, with particular attention to innovation,  sophisticated diagnostic equipment, and evidence-based methods of medical and rehabilitation treatment.

Prosperius Institute Rehabilitation and Research Center Italy

The Tuscan facility is located in the center of Florence, among the Renaissance buildings from the time when Florence was the financial and cultural capital of Europe. The clinic in Florence focuses on:

  • Diagnostics
  • Therapeutic medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Scientific research

The Diagnostic Unit has full laboratory services and imaging resources, including CT scanning and MRI. The treatment units offer innovative approaches to hormonal therapy, diabetes, genetic disorders, and cardiovascular disease.

Rehabilitation for orthopedic, sports, and neurological conditions is offered to ambulatory patients. Prosperius physicians are leading practitioners of research, reporting their results and offering consultation in venues throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Istituto Prosperius Tiberino in Umbria is a 111-bed rehabilitation hospital built in 1992 and located near centers of tourism like Assisi, Orvieto, and Perugia.

The Tiberino facility is Italy’s leading clinic for hi-tech robotic therapy for neurological conditions like spinal cord injury, stroke, parkinsonism, and multiple sclerosis.

Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation in Italy

Prosperius was the first facility in Europe to offer the Ekso, a wearable robot manufactured in the United States that enables those with complete and partial spinal cord injuries to stand and walk rather than use wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

Under the leadership of Dr. Paolo Milia, MD, PhD, Prosperius has gathered the best robotic technology from the United States, Japan, and Europe in a single location for the benefit of its patients.

Prosperius Tiberino Top Medical Center Italy


The Treatments & Services of Istituto Prosperius

Istituto Prosperius is among the Lokomat Rehabilitation in Umbria Italy Prosperius Institute top facilities in Europe providing advanced medical services, specialty rehabilitation and treatments such as:

Advanced Diagnostics

  • Laboratory Exams

  • Diagnostic Imaging

  • Medical and Wellness Exams and Check-ups

Orthopedic Surgery

Prosperius offers joint replacement and other orthopedic procedures performed in our private surgical center, Villa Erbosa.

Dr. Peter Bungaro, MD, one of Italy’s foremost surgeons, will coordinatepost-operative care with our rehabilitation staff and devise a plan of treatment to maximize the functional results of the surgery.

Hyperbaric Chamber at Prosperius Institute Italy

Hyperbaric Detoxification

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber was installed at Prosperius in 1988, and it was the first ever installed in Tuscany, Italy.

Today it is still the only private hyperbaric chamber in Florence and the surrounding area.

Hyperbaric therapy has been successfully used to treat a large number of chronic diseases and its applications are still expanding.


We Are Rehabilitation Specialists!

  • Intensive Rehabilitation Ambulatory Clinic in Florence, Tuscany, Italy
  • Intensive Rehabilitation Hospital in Umbertide, Umbria, Italy
  • Intensive Rehabilitation Hospital in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy (Soon to be opened)
  • Intensive Rehabilitation Hospital in Matera, Basilicata, Italy (Soon to be opened)


Robotic Neuro Rehabilitation

The Ekso, a wearable robot that enables the spinal cord injured individual to stand and walk, has been further developed with Variable Assist, a technology that allows individuals with any degree of lower extremity strength to contribute their own power from either leg to achieve walking.

The technology can be used with a broader spectrum of neurological diseases, including partial Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Parkinsonism, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Istituto Prosperius is the foremost robotic rehabilitation treatment center in Europe, using the Ekso, Lokomat, HAL, Amadeo, and Bi-Manu-Track robots for upper and lower extremity rehabilitation.


Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine Center in Italy Prosperius Institute

To those professional and amateur sportsmen who want to be evaluated and followed up with an individualized sports performance plan, Istituto Prosperius provides a range of specific services for prevention, therapy, rehabilitation, and training.

Istituto Prosperius ensures that sports professionals have quick and continuous assistance for their injuries, thanks to an efficient coordination between their specialists.


Preventive Medicine

  • Check-Up
  • Lifescreen
  • Virtual Colonoscopy
  • Virtual Coronary Angiography


Ambulatory Treatments

  • Allergy
  • Angiology
  • Cardiology
  • Chiropractic
  • Dermatology
  • Dietetics
  • Echography
  • Endocrinology
  • Physiatry
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynecology
  • Obstetrics
  • Sports Medicine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pneumology
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology



Why Choose Istituto Prosperius?

The doctors and therapy specialists of Istituto Prosperius collaborate to ensure the best outcome of diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation, always combining advanced technology and innovative procedures.

Patients will thrive in the clinics and hospitals of Istituto Prosperius due to the high quality of nursing, the attractive facility architecture and environment, and the standard of care, conforming to the accreditation requirements of the European Union and Italian Health Ministry.

Approaching each patient with the combined knowledge base of the highly trained physicians and specialists of Istituto Prosperius, the medical centers in Tuscany and Umbria are widely known for their exceptional outcomes and patient satisfaction.


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Prosperius Institute Italy Florence Rehabilitation Center

About Istituto Prosperius Facilities

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Istituto Prosperius - one of the most  advanced treatment centers focuing also on rehabilitation and sports medicine specialty centers in Italy has two fully equipped specialty clinics in Tuscany and Umbria regions, Italy and two more rehabilitation sports medicine and diagnostic facilities under construction in Cagliari and Udine.

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Prosperius Institute Rehabilitation Center Florence, Italy Istituto Prosperius

Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Istituto Prosperius in Florence was the first center of what will later be transformed into a chain of treatment facilities in Italy.

The Clinic in Florence known throughout Italy as the Istituto Prosperius is  equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment.

Specialized therapists ensure the maximum care to patients suffering from spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, and many other chronic conditions.

Water pools for Hydrotherapy and other rehabilitation programs are specifically devoted to neurological programmes.

Furthermore, a Robot Assisted Section has been activated to help regain the ability to walk in patients affected by brain and spinal injuries, stroke, multiple sclerosis and other serious neurology disorders.

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Istituto ProsperiusTiberino

Umbertide, Perugia, Italy

IstitutoProsperius Tiberino is a project of significant synergy between the public sector and private initiative.

For the facility to be among the best rehabilitation centers in Italy, it had required the conversion of the Umbertide Hospital to be integrated into a rehab clinic, with the preservation of local heritage and the fulfillment of a unique example in Italy.

The Tiberino Istituto Prosperius abides by  the most recent regulations issued by the Ministry of Health in Italy and the EU. Here, the overall care of the patient is not a formula but a structured therapeutic choice.

Multidisciplinary approach is essential for an individual rehabilitation project, supported by a special care in offering a cozy and welcoming environment.

The capacity of Tiberino Istituto Prosperius has grown to be able to handle up to 200 inpatients and outpatients and were made available new technologically advanced equipment.

Today, the Tiberino Istituto Prosperius is a referral center for medical rehabilitation, the phase immediately following surgery until complete functional recovery.

Prosperius Tiberino Sports Medicine Center Perugia Italy

The institute also carries out a program of scientific research and development with the organization of periodical meetings and in collaboration with the School of Specialization and Master of Science from the University of Perugia.

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Cagliari Istituto Prosperius

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

Soon to be opened

Udine Istituto Prosperius

Udine, Udine, Italy

Soon to be opened


Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

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Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

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Prosperius Institute Italy Florence Rehabilitation Center

Treatments at Istituto Prosperius

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Diagnosis Center

Laboratory Exams Laboratory Diagnostics in Italy Prosperius Institute

The laboratory analysis makes use of advanced equipment and is subject to constant internal quality controls and inter-laboratory, partnering in programs of External Quality Assessment  or EQA that ensure accuracy and precision of the results.

  • Clinical Chemistry & Microbiology
  • Immunometry
  • Allergy & Immunology
  • Diagnosis Helicobacter Pilory
  • Food Intolerance Testing

Fertility Tests & Examination

  • Vaginal smears
  • Vaginal Cytology
  • Monitoring Ovulation
  • Post-Coital Test
  • Mucus Score
  • Study Of The Seminal Fluid
  • Color-Doppler Spermatic Vessels
  • Testicular Ultrasound

Instrumental diagnostics

Istituto Prosperius performs accurate testing with the help of collaborators of the highest level of professionalism and high-tech equipment.

Cardiology Testing:


  • ECG Recording (Holter)
  • Echocardiogram Mono & 2D
  • Doppler Cardiac Ultrasound
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring (Holter)

Cardiology Diagnostics Italy Prosperius Institute


  • CW Doppler
  • Doppler color


  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Electric Neuro Examination (ENE)
  • Provocation test (for spasmophilia)

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Imaging - Diagnostic Imaging

64 multislice CT - Unlike the traditional CT, this new technique allows the acquisition of data in a very short time and running in a non- invasive diagnostic complex , thus decreasing the time under radiation exposure.

Ultrasonography - is  diagnostic imaging technique that uses ultrasound as a physical medium, particularly suitable for the study of the abdominal organs, in the region of the neck and the soft parts in general.

MRI, CT Scan, Mammography, Ultrasound Prosperius Institute Imaging

MRI - is applied in the study topographical and morphological structure on the three spatial planes (axial, coronal, sagittal ) using a magnetic field and a radio.  

Conventional Radiology  - using the most modern systems of digital images, which allow a better resolution and a decrease in exposure of the patient to X-rays.

Computer Bone Mineral Density (BMD) - is device used for the evaluation of the degree of calcification of the bones in the study of osteoporosis.

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy at Prosperius Institute Italy Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The hyperbaric chamber was the first installed in Italy at Prosperius in 1988, remaining the only one private hyperbaric chamber in Tuscany.

The hyperbaric oxygen therapy brings to the tissues a high quality of O2 (atmospheric oxygen) dissolving this gas in the plasma through high atmospheric pressure.

In the latest years, this therapy has been considered a therapeutic practice effective in an expanding number of ailments - from gangrene to osteomyelitis, from ulcer to pyorrhoea, diabetes, etc.

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center

The rehabilitation center, situated in Via Masaccio, houses patients having different kind of diseases: from elder with a hip prosthesis to the young injured athlete, everyone can always find a friendly and informal ambient.

The care and competence of physiatrists, therapists and sports rehabilitation specialists combine the French methodology, with the American technology based on the use of sophisticated technology.

Outpatient Neurology Rehabilitation

  • Intensive Neurology Rehabilitation
  • Extensive (Maintenance) Neurology Rehabilitation

Outpatient Robotic Rehabilitation

High Performance Technology Robotics (Lokomate Bi Manu Track)

Lokomate Bi Manu Tack is an Assisted gait therapy that helps to improve the chances of disabled patients to walk as a result of traumatic brain injury or spinal cord, stroke or other neurological diseases.

Lokomat Robot Asissted Rehabilitation in Italy A robotic device guides the patient's legs with a wide range of service mode to the motion. You get more rapid progress than the manual treatments for the rehabilitation sessions may be longer and more intense.

The activity of the ambulatory patient is monitored and evaluated explicitly, and the real-time visualization of the performance achieved in the patient elicits a continuous motivation during treatment.

The diagram of gait and strength to help the movement can be set case by case basis depending on the needs of the patient.

With the Lokomat you get a thorough neurological functional recovery which leads to an increase and a strengthening of neural connections in the brain and spine .

And for many patients opens the possibility to regain the ability to walk .


Outpatient Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Outpatient treatment can be either intensive or extensive.

Access any type of information regarding rehabilitative services by clicking the button below. You will receive information  on the feasibility , the procedures, time and costs related to the required performance.

Prosperius Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Italy

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Intensive Outpatient Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Generally to be understood as functional completion of patients already hospitalized for diseases or high rehabilitation but that do not require 24 hours hospital watch.

Extensive Outpatient Orthopedic Rehabilitation or Maintenance Rehabilitation

For patients who have completed the intensive phase of rehabilitation, but who need to complete the rehabilitation program, or for patients who require regular cycle of rehabilitation in order to maintain the results achieved (eg. Chronic stroke patients or patients with joint prosthesis)

Hydrotherapy in Italy Center Prosperius Institute

Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation

The hydrotherapy pools, surrounded by large windows, are subdivided into separate sections for the different stages in the rehabilitation process. Part of the bottoms of the tanks, which have different gradients and depths, are lined with cobblestones to encourage patients to regain their balance and a correct preception of space. There are separate pools for neurological patients.

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Sports Medicine

Medical-Sports examination

In the Medical Centre for sport it is Sports Medicine Specialists in Italy Prosperius Institute possible to be examined and to be issued a medical certificate for competitive sport. For young people who need to be addressed to the right activity also close preventive examinations can be carried out.


Sports Injury Diagnostics

To those sportsmen who want to be controlled and followed up by a correct sport planning, Istituto Prosperius for Sport provides a range of specific services for prevention, therapy, rehabilitation and training. Athletic performances pushed to the extreme exhausting training session cause a high number of accident, especially among amateur athletes and semi-professional athletes who generally train little and rarely.

In order to minimize immediate and future damage it is necessary to operate promptly with competence and reliability.

Istituto Prosperius for Sport assures the injured patients quick and continuously assistance thanks to an efficient coordination of its own structure.

Assistance from prevention to recovery and examinations with high-level specialists during the first 24/48 hours ensuing the injury are guaranteed. This program offer the possibility to carry out further diagnostic examination to minimizing possible damages and allowing a quick recovery and resumption of training.

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Tobacco Detox

The treatment of tobacco addiction takes place through a process that involves an initial visit including medical history, measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygenation with pulse oximeter, physical examination of the chest, tobacco use history, measurement of carbon monoxide (CO) in exhaled breath, prescription of medication, possibly indicated, planning "quit day" (QD) (the first day in which the patient will try not to smoke), programming of spirometry, where indicated.

There are 5 visits with measurement of CO and interview, to be held over a period of 3 months, 1 visit to follow-up within 6 months from the date of termination and 1 visit per year.


Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

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Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

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Prosperius Institute Italy Florence Rehabilitation Center

Staff of Istituto Prosperius

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

Istituto Prosperius was founded in 1973 by Prof. Mario Bigazzi on his return to Italy in order to continue his research started by endocrinology at the University of Chicago. Prosperius Institute Founders - Prof. Mario Bigazzi

From the beginning it is characterized for having associated with the best medical tradition and respect for the patient, the introduction of innovative health technologies over the past 40 years have profoundly revolutionized the practice of medicine in the diagnosis and therapy in the rehabilitation and who are currently opening up unexpected possibility of predictive medicine and rehabilitation equipment.

In the 70s it was realized the Diagnostic Center of High-tech with the installation of the CT total body (second in Europe) which was followed in order ultrasonography, MRI, etc. Medical Genetics.

In the 80s, the first new branch of Rehabilitation Medicine was introduced foroutpatient and inpatient coma, then culminating at the end of the '90s in the creation of the Clinic Intensive Rehabilitation Umbertide (Perugia, Italy) with also the section of Riatletizzazione Sporty, and finally in the early '90s and the Istituto Prosperius landed in the field of therapy with installation of the hyperbaric chamber and the acquisition of the historic Casa di Cura Villa Cherubini in Florence, Italy.

Parallel to the development of the health services, Istituto Prosperius has always maintained an interest in medical research in collaboration with Italian and foreign universities which not only made it possible to achieve scientific results not indifferent to the subject of publications and presentations in international conferences and journals and also patents, and that also produced regular meetings and conferences, often held in our offices.

The institute from the very beginning and accredited with the National Health System and operates a Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9000:2008.

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

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Prosperius Institute Italy Florence Rehabilitation Center

Testimonials from Istituto Prosperius

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

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Prosperius Institute Italy Florence Rehabilitation Center

Media from Istituto Prosperius

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

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Prosperius Institute Italy Florence Rehabilitation Center

Tuscany and Perugia Istituto Prosperius

Prosperius Institute for Rehabilitation Florence Italy

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